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Getting Stolen Girlfriends’ Club’s hairstyles: Greg Murrell and KMS’s tips


May 10, 2011/12.40

While we’re preparing our report from Rosemount Australian Fashion Week in Sydney, our friends from Stolen Girlfriends’ Club and KMS have shared with us behind-the-scenes hair images and a how-to.
   Greg Murrell of Ryder directed the hair for Marc Moore, Luke Harwood and Dan Gosling’s latest collection, The Big Comedown.
   Stolen Girlfriends’ Club says the inspiration behind the collection is ‘all about falling in and out of love. The lightness and dreamy state when you’re in that “bubble”, contrasting with the pain, angst and bitterness of being dumped. We’re always searching for two opposing themes for each collection. We love contrasts and juxtapositions.’
   Murrell created a ‘light side’ and a ‘dark side’ for the collection.

Stolen Girlfriends' Club
Stolen Girlfriends' Club
The light side
   1. Prep hair with KMS Hairstay Style Boost (NZ$32), working from roots through to the mid-lengths.
   2. Blow-dry for volume and smoothness with a metal-barrelled round brush and a hot heat setting on the dryer.
   3. Once complete, distribute hair according to the natural parting at the front of the head and pull hair back into a low ponytail at the nape using hair elastic.
   4. Pull on the hair above the elastic band so that it sits in a voluminous way and is clearly visible from the front of the head.
   5. Loop a small portion of hair from the ponytail around the elastic and affix this hair so that the elastic is not visible.
   6. To finish, spray a light mist of KMS Silksheen Gloss Spray (NZ$32, right) over the whole hairstyle for a shiny natural finish.

The dark side
   1. Take a loose triangular-shaped section, starting from the edge of the eyebrows, on either side of the face to a point halfway between the crown and the top of the head.
   2. Pull this section of hair backwards and rotate it through 180 degrees and then slightly push this hair forward to achieve some twisted lift at the top front of the head.
   3. Then loop the part ponytail around itself to form a small bun shape on top of the head leaving out the end of the ponytail which falls with the head form down the head. Fix this in position with bobby pins and add dramatic detail by wrapping metallic craft wire around this.
   4. Lightly mist the whole head with water to dampen.
   5. Mix equal quantities of KMS Curlup Curling Balm (NZ$43) and KMS Hairstay Styling Gel (NZ$31·50) together in a bowl and paint this on to the hair in a balyage manner to create a shiny, glistening and wet texture. Lightly paint this on to the bun on top of the head. Care is taken to ensure that the product is distributed unevenly for extra texture.

Stolen Girlfriends' Club
Stolen Girlfriends' Club

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