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Stolen Girlfriends’ Club and KMS California create fun, edgy hairstyles


September 1, 2011/1.20

Stolen Girlfriends' Club
Stolen Girlfriends' Club

Described as a ‘motley crew of surfers done good’, New Zealand designers Marc Moore, Luke Harwood and Dan Gosling of Stolen Girlfriends’ Club (SGC) have garnered a cult following in the country. Their latest creations, compiled to create the autumn–winter 2012 collection, Here Lies the Bones, is a balance of free-spirited energy with a darker twist. Designed to follow a free-spirited, globe-trotting magpie whose adventures lead her into the darker areas of the world, the collection is edgy yet fun, a subversive rock and roll look which is complemented by KMS California hair director Greg Murrell’s edgy yet feminine hairstyles created specifically for the collection.
   Featuring hair pulled back off the face and then fastened at the back of the head with a series of three simple knots sewn to the head, the resulting ponytails are pinned to the knots, the ends consequently being allowed to drop towards the nape of the neck. Says SGC’s Marc Moore of the ingenious hairstyle and collaboration with KMS: ‘We’ve been working together for a long time now so we are very confident that they are on the pulse and get what we are about.’
   To get the unique yet stunning look, they offer a few tips. First lightly relax any hair wave or curl with a flatiron and apply KMS SilkSheen Styling Crème (RRP NZ$34) for a light hold. Work with natural hair partings or growth patterns to take a triangular section of hair from the high recession on either side of the head to the low crown. Tie a knot of hair towards the roots by pulling the ends through to form a small ponytail. Lift the knot upwards and temporarily affix it to the head by using a section clip; by doing so, you will get it out of your way before doing the next knot.
   Take the next section of hair from the low front hairline on either side of the head back to the occipital. Knot, ponytail and section this section as you did with the first.
   Next, take out the sectioning clips and allow the top two knots and ponytails to drop. Tension the knots to the head and use hair grips to fix them into place. Take the top two ponytails and affix them closely to the knots, using the hair grips for effect. Next, take a blunt needle and some linen thread, sewing underneath the knots to secure them to the head by going from side to side in a figure-8 pattern. When this step is complete, remove the hair grips and apply KMS California Hairplay Dry Wax (RRP NZ$36) to achieve the desired finish with matte surface texture.
   The final effect is one that is both unique and stylish, just like the clothes that Stolen Girlfriends’ Club is renowned for.—Sabine Ernest

Stolen Girlfriends' Club
Stolen Girlfriends' Club
Stolen Girlfriends' Club
Stolen Girlfriends' Club

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