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Stewart Dawson’s retail watch range on trend for summer


October 6, 2011/15.01

Above Heritage styles from Tissot are back in vogue.

Very few things in the world can make a statement not only about fashion, but about status and practical necessity. For summer, watches have moved beyond the realm of time keepers and into a piece of jewellery, showing others your brand loyalty, style and status. They have become the new way to wear your heart on your sleeve.
   One of the most photographed items after shoes on style blogs is watches: what’s on your wrist these days is an true expression of personality. Whether it be playful or classic, your timepiece should be always expressive of you.
   For summer, Stewart Dawson’s retails some of the best timepieces around. Some key trends are emerging in the world of timepieces.
   Chunky masculine styles are still a goer, but this season, layer it with fine bangles, ethnic bracelets and allow for maximum impact.
   Come summer you will be craving colour. For those that are colour shy, accessories are the best way to ease into a trend. Coloured watches are coming into fashion in a big way and a great way to inject fun and irreverance to your tradtional style. Choose from casual plastic and rubber to polished coloured metals, or why not pile on a few colours on at once?
   Classic styles in traditional metals will always be in vogue and heritage brands are looking back into their archives to provide you with future heirlooms. While traditional gold and silver will always be perennial classics, rose gold is becoming popular as well. Look for classic shapes and styles to keep your style ticking over.—Sopheak Seng, Fashion and Beauty Editor


Above Emporio Armani and Casio offer other on-trend watch styles.

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