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Peugeot announces 208: lighter, more fuel-efficient than predecessor


November 2, 2011/7.04

Peugeot 208
Peugeot 208
Peugeot has announced its new 208 B-segment compact car, initially supplementing, and ultimately replacing, its 207.
   The culmination of Peugeot’s A9 project, Peugeot is aiming for class leadership in the very competitive segment, rivalling established models such as the Ford Fiesta and Renault Clio.
   The car is lighter than the 207, with an average of 110 kg, and a maximum of 173 kg. The lightest model tips the scales at a very light 975 kg. It is also shorter (by 7 cm) and lower (1 cm) though Peugeot boasts there is more interior room, including at the rear and in the boot. The new model line’s carbon dioxide emissions are 34 g/km lower than the 207’s on average, with the lowest at 87 g/km for the e-HDi model with stop–start and never exceeding 99 g/km for that model.
   Smaller, three-cylinder petrol engines make their début, with 1·0- and 1·2-litre capacities.
   Of the polymers used, Peugeot claims 25 per cent is recycled or of natural origin, and the rear bumper and fan assembly made entirely from these materials.
   It is also aerodynamic (Cd of 0,29, with a CdA of 0,61). The new design takes on more current Peugeot cues, including a more athletic, sharper appearance. The new Peugeot grille, which the company calls a ‘floating’ one, is slightly hexagonal, with the chrome surround not quite at its edge; the ‘boomerang’ rear lights are to be a distinctive signature, extending from the rear wings to the rear bumper at almost a 90-degree angle.
   Internally, Peugeot has introduced a higher, more visible, instrument panel coupled with a smaller steering wheel, and a large touch screen.
Peugeot 208
Peugeot 208

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