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Peugeot to release 2008 crossover, with international appeal


January 7, 2013/10.21

Peugeot has announced its 2008 crossover, a B-segment urban vehicle with off-road pretensions. As with most crossovers, it’s not the ideal vehicle with which to go mud-plugging, but it has the look of toughness and a raised ride height that buyers of the genre like.
   Surprisingly, they are doing well in many countries, including China and Brazil, where many 2008s will be built. They’re also coming out of Peugeot’s plant down in Mulhouse, France, for most international markets.
   The B-segment is currently fielded by the likes of the Ford EcoSport in Brazil, the second generation of which will also be sold in China and other markets.
   Brazilians, too, seem to favour crossover versions of humble hatchbacks such as the Fiat Uno, Ford Fiesta and the Volkswagen Fox.
   Seeing this boom, Peugeot has tried to incorporate the tastes of all its big markets, without the result looking bland. The 2008 manages to incorporate most of the Peugeot look, from the floating grille to the distinctive taillight shapes. There is also a stylistic relationship to the larger, Mitsubishi RVR-based Peugeot 4008.
   The result is a crossover measuring 4·16 m in length, fitted with what Peugeot calls Mud & Snow tyres, 17-inch wheels and ‘pronounced wheel arches that give it an appealing road presence and stance,’ according to the release. The idea is to ape the SUV look in a smaller package.
   Engines will include the three-cylinder petrol engines first seen in the 208 as well as Peugeot’s e-HDi diesel. Carbon dioxide emissions are expected to begin at 99 g/km.

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