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Intrigue in Venezia


February 9, 2012/21.17

Once a year la Serenissima reverts to its true and elemental nature, as the ghosts come out and history can be felt on every narrow bridge and alleyway. Of course, I am talking about Carnivale, where the imagination soars, as masques and costumes, capes and mystery sweep by you at every corner. The city turns into a fantasy of colour and celebration, flavoured with the scent of decadence and opulence. It is an experience you must have at least once in your life.
   Our friends at the remarkable Luna Baglioni (just off San Marco, with its own arrival dock where your launch can drop you directly) offer a group of incredible ball deals, starting at a not-so-staggering supplement of €290 per person. Room nights additional. You can avail yourself of any of the following:

  • Saturday, February 11, 2012: Moon Masquerade at the Luna Hotel Baglioni
  • Friday, February 17, 2012: the Great Baglioni Party
  • Saturday, February 18, 2012: Grand Carnival Gala at the Luna Hotel Baglioni (€320 per person)

   These offers exclude the room rate, but can include champagne, fancy dress parties, some held in the Marco Polo room dominated by huge School of Tiepolo frescoes, dinner—depending on the date—entertainment, and DJs until the wee hours of the morning. Period costumes can be purchased or rented. Be sure to avail yourself of the insider knowledge possessed by Antonio Massari, the Luna’s amazing concierge, perhaps the best in the world. Then, imagine yourself hidden behind mask and cloak, stealing down a romantic passagio, off for an intimate midnight rendezvous.
   For details, see—Stanley Moss, Travel Editor

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