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Cheryl Cole sues Now over MC Harvey claims; Katy Perry, Russell Brand sign divorce documents


February 9, 2012/22.50

Cheryl ColeIn entertainment news today, Russell Brand and Katy Perry have parted in an amicable fashion, according to reports.
   Perry signed her divorce documents with her trade-mark smiley face, while Brand is not making any claim on his ex-wife’s fortune. The couple did not have a prenuptial agreement.
   Forbes had reported that between May 2010 and May 2011, Perry had made $44 million, while Brand made $7 million.
   The couple were married for 14 months.
   Meanwhile, So Solid Crew’s MC Harvey has backtracked over his claim in a Now interview that he had had a relationship with Britain’s sweetheart, Cheryl Cole.
   Cole then launched into a Twitter argument with Harvey after reading the interview.
   Since lawyers have been involved, Harvey has stated on Choice FM that the relationship was email-based but had never happened offline.
   He told DJ Max, ‘I will 100 per cent say that we had a communication relationship, but have I been out with her? No I haven’t.’
   Cole is now suing Now. A statement reads, ‘Cheryl Cole has today commenced legal proceedings in London against the publishers of Now magazine as a result of its two articles about her alleged “secret romance” with Michael Harvey.
   ‘Cheryl’s lawyers have asked to see Mr Harvey’s alleged emails which the magazine says are “proof” of the “romance” but it claims not to have them in its possession. Mr Harvey’s claims are denied by Cheryl and she looks forward to seeing both him and the magazine in Court at the very earliest opportunity.’

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