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Mor Cosmetics readies a sweet, indulgent Mothers’ Day with new gift packs


March 1, 2012/5.39

MOR Cosmetics
MOR Cosmetics
Mor Cosmetics is getting ready for Mothers’ Day, though its beautiful gift sets could work on any occasion.
   The new releases in its Little Luxuries, Emporium and Mor Essentials lines are wonderfully fragrant and delightfully presented.
   The Little Luxuries duo, My Fair Lychee and True Romance, are delicately packaged in colours that are befitting expensive lingerie. Inside each are a 50 ml hand cream and a 60 g soap, matching the theme of the package.
   My Fair Lychee has a lychee flower, ripe berry and green forest wood scent with soft florals, while True Romance features vanilla musk, jasmine flower, rose petals, white carnation and cotton candy. When Mor says sweet, they’re not wrong—it’s ideal for those who love sweeter scents. RRP is NZ$29·99.
   The Vanilla Allsorts and True Blood Emporium packs are even more extravagant. The metal box could almost be mistaken for a collection of luxurious chocolates—one of our editors thought that’s what was inside. But for the NZ$49·99 price, its contents are even nicer.
   Inside each is a 200 g soap, 100 ml hand cream, and a 10 g macaron, with the Vanilla Allsorts fragrance featuring candied almonds and sugar blossom on a vanilla base. True Blood features Italian blood orange with notes of jasmine, rose and lily of the valley.
   We haven’t tried the new release in Essentials, but Quint-Essentially Neroli Clementine and Quint-Essentially Honey Nectar each feature a 170 g Mor Essentials soap bar and an 80 ml hand cream, retailing for NZ$34·99. The set comes in a travel-friendly PVC carry bag.
   The items hit retail stores during the week of April 9.

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One thought on ‘Mor Cosmetics readies a sweet, indulgent Mothers’ Day with new gift packs

  1. Superbly presented luxury MOR gift packs.My Fair Lychee AND True Romance are simply stunning. Love the fragrance selection for each gift pack. Now, I really want them both. Will have to start dropping hints for mothers day but when you live in a house with three males, hints about such gorgeous gifts go in one ear and out the other.
    Congratulations Mor on presenting such beautiful gift packs for MUM’S of the world♥

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