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Sponsored video: Twinings débuts second animated ad, Hill


March 2, 2012/11.52

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It’s been a few years since we caught up with Stephen Twining and the events at his firm, but our British readers will have been seeing Twinings’ animated advertisements on the site over the last few weeks.
   The next instalment, entitled Hill, and the reason for this sponsored post, follows on from Sea, which racked up 1·4 million hits on YouTube and a great deal of Facebook and web activity. It débuts on March 4, telling a story about a woman overcoming obstacles symbolized by the hill in the commercial.
   A cover version of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Go Your Own Way’ sung by Lissie will be heard in the new spot, taking over from Charlene Soraia’s cover of the Calling’s ‘Wherever You Will Go’. The song can already be downloaded from Itunes.
   Soraia’s song even got named as Scott Mills’s record of the week and reached number three in the charts. It was so in the public consciousness that Sophie Habibis performed a version on The X Factor.
   Sean Summers, Twinings’ marketing director, noted, ‘At the start of the campaign, we joked in the office that we hoped our song would appear in the top 10 or feature on X Factor, so you can imagine our extreme surprise and delight when it did. This time, here’s hoping for a number one and a spot on Britain’s Got Talent.’
   The more emotive commercials mark a break from Twinings’ traditional positioning, which was product-based.
   AMV/BBDO in London and Psyop in Los Angeles created the advertisements, both with the tagline ‘Gets You Back to You’, highlighting that women should take 10 minutes out for themselves. They are complemented by partnerships with Red and Psychologies magazines.
   The campaign actually has backing from a psychologist, Nancy Beesley, who says, ‘Just 10 minutes of relaxation or partaking in an enjoyable activity is essential for keeping a healthy balance of the hormones associated with happiness level.
   ‘Our bodies are functioned for activity and recovery and without even the smallest amount of down time, can lead to chronic stress responses.’
   An earlier Twinings survey had found that the majority of people feel they are putting others’ needs before their own, failing to relax in their own time.

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