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Smith Optics and Skinnies Sunscreen join Sián-Pearl Going on her seven summits’ quest


June 11, 2012/12.11

Above Sián-Pearl Going in Smith Optics Chemist, while climbing in Koh Yao Noi, Thailand.

Two more companies have come on board 26-year-old mountaineer Sián-Pearl Going’s quest to climb the seven summits in record time.
   Smith Optics, one of largest sport optics brands in the world, joins a sponsor family that already includes Adidas Outdoor, Black Diamond and Sony. New Zealand brand Skinnies Sunscreen is also on board.
   Going is wearing items from the Smith Optics range, namely the Chemist, Serpico slim, and IOS goggles. Skinnies Sunscreen is providing a waterless sun gel, available at Macpac, which she calls ‘one of the best outdoor products I’ve ever used.
   ‘I’m really stoked to be working with Smith, I love their products and brand. I can’t wait to get out in my IOS goggles this season. As for Skinnies, it was a no-brainer I love their product. It is the only sunscreen I’ve ever used that performs on a mountain without freezing.’
   Going, who had her climbing schedule pushed back by a rock fall on Aconcagua, isn’t slowing down and is using her break from her seven summits’ speed record bid to complete an Alps trilogy of Mont Blanc, Eiger and Matterhorn this July. In December, she heads to Antartica to tackle Vinson Mansiff.
   ‘Even though the rock fall has reset my climbing schedule to go for the record, I’m looking at the positive. After my Alps trilogy I’m going to have a good block of time to really get myself drilled in New Zealand with Guy and the Adventure Consultants team,’ she says.
   Going, who was offered a deal that could have seen her depart for Europe, has chosen to remain in her native New Zealand. ‘I love working with the Adidas Outdoor team and they understand everything that works for me is in New Zealand. I wouldn’t be climbing without another Kiwi, Guy Cotter—he is one of the best mountaineers in the world and he didn’t leave New Zealand chasing dollar signs to become that. Mountaineering is definitely becoming more commercial and there comes a point where you have to draw a line and say this is who I am, this is what I need and no amount of money can influence that.’
   Presently Going is recuperating from shoulder surgery for a minor injury not related to climbing, sustained while working with the Discovery network in Indonesia last month.
   Her quest has also attracted a rival in Russia, who is tackling a different set of summits, but has reportedly positioned herself as being in a competition with Going. In some quarters of the Russian and Ukrainian press, Going’s expeditions are the subject of an international rivalry.
   ‘Yes, it is funny, isn’t it?’ she jokes. ‘She is climbing a different list—the Bass list which includes Kosziuscko in Australia. I’m aiming for a speed record on the Messner list which includes Carstensz in West Papua. But good on her—if racing me does it for her, I can only commend her in the effort she is making.’

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