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Sponsored video: a retro men’s fashion look for Pringles’ latest campaign


March 12, 2013/9.48

A Lucire special promotion

Kellogg’s has been a supporter of Lucire for years, especially in the early to mid-2000s when we ran a few things together. With the acquisition of Pringles, they’ve embarked on a fun, if slightly bizarre, advertising campaign that some of our UK readers can see.
   Its Fan vs. Sour Cream & Onion advertisement has some interest to us not just in terms of entertainment (the music is by Takeshi-Terauchi and Blue Jeans), but men’s fashion and hairstyles.
   The colours remind us of a highly saturated version of the 1970s, though to anyone who lived through the decade, things were never quite this bright. But the striped shirt and permed hair in the first sour cream and onion video are straight out of the decade that has been rearing its head from time to time in men’s fashion over the last 20 years.
   The retro look is intentional, with a vintage alarm clock, while the music has shades of the 1960s. The typography, meanwhile, is more 21st-century in look, even if a 20th-century typeface is used.
   The UK national favourite is sour cream and onion, hence the company has kicked off with this video. It also launches a new roast chicken flavour.
   It’s actually one of four ads where the fan battles various Pringles flavours in head-to-head challenges, and viewers are invited to guess who will win.
   Pringles notes that no real food produce was wasted in the making of the four videos.
   The company has a Facebook app where the campaign continues, and a YouTube channel for those who want to view the videos again. You can also visit Pringles’ Facebook page.

This post has been sponsored by Pringles.

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