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Cheryl Cole steps out in 1950s style for ‘Under the Sun’ video


July 27, 2012/11.44

Cheryl Cole’s video for her new song, ‘Under the Sun’, has been released, with a sexy time-warp theme.
   The Geordie songstress attracts the attention of every man in the video, which has props and fashions from almost every era from the 1940s to the present day.
   While Cole’s 1950s’ costume—a yellow brassière, cream boléro top, red pencil skirt and leopard-print heels—doesn’t change in the video, those around her don everything from 1950s business suits to 2010s schoolgirl uniforms.
   She also has a beehive hairdo to complete her 1950s outfit.
   Eagle-eyed readers will spot the three classic Citroën cars used in the video: a left-hand drive Ami, and two DSs.
   ‘Under the Sun’ is the second track released from her album A Million Lights, and is more light-hearted than the first single, ‘Call My Name’.
   The single is released on September 3.

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