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Celebrating Amy Winehouse’s life


July 24, 2011/5.44

Further videos today in the wake of the sad news of the death of Amy Winehouse at age 27.
   The first features clips from the Grammy-winning singer–songwriter and how her life was overshadowed by her demons.
   It features a clip from her award-winning song, ‘Rehab’, and a discussion of Winehouse’s unique style—with her big hair and her individuality.
   Winehouse was not loyal only to her friends, but to her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield, supporting her on Strictly Come Dancing, and, most recently, at Camden Roundhouse.
   The second video deals with a tribute and past support from her friend, Kelly Osbourne. Osbourne had Tweeted her sadness on learning of Winehouse’s passing, and ITN summarizes the friendship the celebrity pair had.

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