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Sponsored video: American Express wants your EveryDay moments

June 10, 2014/11.37

American Express’s EveryDay Card is an addition to its traditional range of debit and credit cards. It’s aiming at younger consumers by hiring Shameless Maya, the online personality known for her beauty tips and slices of life on YouTube, who recounts her “everyday moment” of heading out with a friend to do some exercise. She invites visitors to post theirs on the page’s comments. Maya’s YouTube channel has just below 405,000 subscribers at the time of writing, so she has some cut-through with some of today’s consumers.
   American Express’s new cards show a reinvigorated company, prepared to explore every segment. Not that long ago, it was looking as though it would fade into the past, the choice of Cary Grant in Charade and Karl Malden in countless advertisements in the 1970s and 1980s, trading somewhat on the notion of the American traveller abroad. Its Travelers’ Checks, once a must for anyone travelling around the world, were beginning to be replaced by credit cards and multi-currency debit cards.
   But where were the cards that had more acceptable interest rates for younger consumers, or the tie-ins with airlines and other partners?
   Realizing it needed a boost, American Express got to work. EveryDay is the latest example of American Express’s partnerships across the retail spectrum in the US, with reward points gained with over 500 brands, mostly in the homeware and clothing sectors—the latter ideal for Lucire readers. Double points can be earned while shopping at US supermarkets. There is no annual fee—unlike other American Express cards which can take out hundreds each year, if not thousands when specifying some of the top-of-the-tree ones. Finally, there is 20 per cent extra to earn if one uses the American Express EveryDay card 20 or more times per month.
   Shameless Maya’s spot is below in our sponsored video.

Video sponsored by American Express

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