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Out now: Chanel releases new No. 5 campaign with Gisèle Bündchen, directed by Baz Luhrmann


October 15, 2014/4.59

After teasers this week, Chanel has now premièred its new No. 5 campaign, The One That I Want, starring supermodel Gisèle Bündchen, and written and directed by Baz Luhrmann. Academy Award winner Catherine Martin oversaw the production design.
   Luhrmann directed the 2004 campaign for Chanel No. 5 with Nicole Kidman.
   In the last 10 years, Luhrmann says that the focus has changed. With the Kidman campaign, he says it was about a woman breaking free, then return to reality. Today, Bündchen plays a woman who listens to her heart, free to make her own choices.
   ‘The Chanel woman can be with herself on a beach, can be with her child, can have an aspirational and fulfilling work life, and at the same time she can have a true relationship; she can have romance. And in the end, the Chanel woman chooses love,’ says Luhrmann.
   Earlier, the director explained why Bündchen was the perfect casting: ‘She can be on the beach one moment and incredibly athletic. She has children. She has a very, very significant relationship. And yet, she has a career where she can create aspirational, sensual, incredibly glamorous imagery, and somehow, what’s most important to her, … is love, to really be fulfilled. And I think that’s what we try to convey in this little film.’
   Chanel says the new film, which is 3 minutes 23 seconds—and cut to 30- and 60-second versions, ‘tells the story of a woman who struggles to find space for everything—herself, family, career, and love.’
   The film itself is emblematic of Luhrmann’s earlier work: glamorous, romantic, with mixed historical eras and music playing a huge role.
   Chanel has also released behind-the-scenes videos, including one on the costume design and another on the locations (including Fiji, Montauk, the Queensboro Bridge, and Manhattan), as well as interviews with Luhrmann and Bündchen.
   Other Chanel No. 5 campaign directors have included Ridley Scott, Luc Besson, Kathryn Bigelow, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, and Martin Scorsese.
   The accompanying music is Lo-Fang’s cover of ‘You’re the One That I Want’, composed by John Farrar.

The making-of

Baz Luhrmann


Costume design


The fragrance

Interview with Gisèle Bündchen

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