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A hair-drier that lets you get more control: top tips using the new GHD Aura


February 16, 2015/23.58

The GHD Aura is the latest professional hair-drier, with the soft of innovation that we have come to expect from the British company.
   If you’re thinking a hair-drier is just a hair-drier, think again. GHD’s Aura has two patented technologies, called Cool-Wall and Laminair, where you can direct the air flow for greater precision and control.
   Laminair ensures that the hair is more evenly heated at the same temperature, aiding styling and leaving hair smoother and shinier. It also helps align hair in a single direction. Cool-Wall creates a ring of cool air around the hot air, so the casing and nozzle remain cool—allowing you to get the drier closer to the scalp for more volume and root lift.
   It’s received award-winning hairdresser Sara Allsop’s endorsement, as she uses the Aura at her Auckland salon, Dharma. Allsop says the GHD Aura is quieter and more powerful.
   GHD has released two DIY videos showing techniques you can employ to get your hair smooth and polished, or extra, glossy volume.
   Retail price in New Zealand is NZ$300. For stockists in New Zealand, call 0800 880-209 or visit

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