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Top of the world and top of the Beverly Hilton: the TMG luxury suite


March 7, 2015/12.20

After we experienced TMG’s 11th Annual Beauty & Style Destination Pre-Oscar Lounge it was no surprise that the polite, professional but exacting young ladies standing at various hotel check points wanted to be sure guests were on the list for this primp-and-prep focused suite. This hot invitation not only promised the select group of celebs and press a variety of wonderful services, interesting new beauty products and great views of Los Angeles, but also fantastic company. The people administering brow services, manicures, massages and hair styling were absolutely delightful.
   Skinny Girl provided the snacks and libations (loved the Thai-spiced tortilla chips!), while Shapes, a Southern California brown threading salon chain had the main stage. Their artistry with brow shaping and make-up touch ups were fantastic (we are regular paying customers at their Sherman Oaks branch and can attest to their consistently excellent work), but the roll-out of their new Reema make-up line really got our attention, not only with their lovely colours but easy-on-just-threaded-skin formulas. The collection includes eye shadows and liners (naturally!) along with lipsticks, blushes, glosses and other necessities. IT Hair Care’s rep, meanwhile, was distributing the multi-tasking twelve-in-one styling solution, while we had our tresses tamed with other products in the line.
   On the new age-y end of things, guests could try a mini-stress reduction treatment with Miracle Wands. On the practical (and just plain cool) end, we were impressed with ExoFab, a protective case for Iphone 6 and Samsung smartphones that also sticks to mirrors and other surfaces, making selfies a breeze and more discreet to boot. Children lucky enough to attend with their A-list parents could be the first among their friends to receive the new 35th aAnniversary edition of Strawberry Shortcake and her friends, their cutesy ’80s rag doll æsthetic replaced with a more glamorous (but age-appropriate) face and fashion sense. Celebrity babies, meanwhile, could luxuriate in a crib bedecked with Horse & Dragon organic baby linens (as the founder’s son did in his compelling test drive of the products).
   If you had the patience to keep moving from one suite to another, you would be treated to a marvellous display of Onirikka’s striking and stunning silver, gold and semi-precious stone laden fine jewellery crafted in New York with influences from El Salvador artists and a wonderfully fragrant spa offering treatments and takeaways from Matis Paris and Academie Paris Skin Care along with very conscientious practitioners providing thorough instructions on how to use those products correctly.
   Celebrities on hand for this very “suite” afternoon of beauty and friendly faces included Grace Gealey and Katie Doubleday from the Fox series Empire, Sherry Saum (The Fosters), Neil Jackson (Sleepy Hollow), Oscar nominee Dennis Liddiards (best hair and make-up, Foxcatcher), Steven Bauer (Scarface), Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story), Rosi Blasi, and Frances Hannon (Oscar nominee and winner for best hair and make-up in The Grand Budapest Hotel).—Elyse Glickman, US West Coast Editor, and Leyla Messian, Correspondent

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