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Linden Leaves celebrates 20th anniversary with indulgent Gold range

July 28, 2015/13.02

Linden Leaves is celebrating its 20th anniversary with style, with its Gold range hitting New Zealand stores and on August 1.
   The six entries in the range begin with the Gold body lotion (150 ml, NZ$64·99), a moisturizer with a light shimmer effect, featuring red rice extract and certified organic amaranth protein, helping with collagen synthesis and skin hydration respectively.
   The Gold toning face and body mist (100 ml, NZ$49·99) also feature red rice extract and amaranth, enhanced with natural witch-hazel and chamomile to help soothe and nourish. The Gold shimmer mousse (150 g, NZ$74·99) also has a shimmer effect, and contains red rice extract mixed with organic cold-pressed chia oil for nourishment. Linden Leaves’ Gold body oil (150 ml, NZ$64·99) has amaranth oil to hydrate the skin, while the Gold bath salts (200 g, NZ$59·99) contain sea salt with amaranth and red rice. Finally, the amaranth protein and red rice extract in the Gold Silken body wash (150 ml, NZ$54·99) conditions and cleanses the skin.
   All items are enhanced with 23 ct gold leaf, and Linden Leaves’ research has shown that the ingredients help with moisture retention and cell regeneration.
   Linden Leaves’ founder Brigit Blair calls the range ‘a bold statement of our commitment to beauty for the body and the soul,’ with ‘sheer luxury, indulgence and [a] feel good factor’.
   As with all Linden Leaves products, the ingredients are all natural, and the packaging is recyclable.

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