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Sponsored video: M&S’s The Art of reminds us that it gets fashion, better than ever before


September 24, 2015/23.32

Once Marks and Spencer, M&S has become a global brand, and as you travel, you can find its logo miles away from its origins in Leeds. And with September comes a new campaign, The Art of, which shows just how M&S has its finger on the pulse of the latest fashion.
   This high-impact campaign is just exploding with colour, and the spectacle is intentional. M&S has strong fashion credentials, in women’s, lingerie, men’s, and children’s sectors, but it hasn’t been traditionally known for them. Yet Brandindex says M&S is top of the list of 32 high street fashion brands on metrics including quality and reputation. M&S wants to remind us that it understands fashion.
   By showing a sheep whose coat, thanks to visual effects, shoots off it and becomes wool, and injecting messages about its sustainably sourced cotton, M&S addresses customers’ desires that, these days, we want great fashion, but we want to be sure that it’s coming from a socially responsible place. It also emphasizes the notion of craftsmanship.
   Executive director of marketing Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne notes that the brand is at a ‘seven-year high’, according to Marketing Week, and it’s been helped along by M&S’s revamps of some of its larger stores. M&S has also changed its design and buying teams, and in-store personal stylists are planned, too. It’s conscious that the retailer needs to match the great fashion with the in-store experience, so that the M&S brand is consistently high quality, every time someone has contact with it.
   The cutting-edge campaign, which uses Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’ featuring Bruno Mars, will be seen in 50 countries, in TV, print and digital media.

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