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The Secret to longevity: the Emmy lounge season begins

NEWS The Secret Room’s Emmy lounge gets better and better, continuing their tradition of a full complement of beauty services, and up-to-the-minute products. Elyse Glickman attends
September 14, 2017/23.32

Elyse Glickman

Although the Secret Room’s 2017 Emmy lounge was built on an intimate scale, Amy Boatwright, one half of the dynamic duo behind the Secret Room pre-award show lounges, was not going to allow any sad event—natural or otherwise—rain on her parade in bringing additional joy into the Emmy season.
   ‘After doing these events for the past ten years, the experience of doing these gets better and better because we’re the only lounge that also offers a full complement of beauty services,’ said Boatwright. ‘However, this is the first year we’re also offering grooming services for men. We’re also proud to have Wolfgang Puck be a part of this event, and we’re the only gift lounge that does. We also strive to have a variety of things for babies and kids, tech and sports items for men, accessories for women, and just being well rounded.’
   The gathering, staged at the Inter-continental Century City in the Glass Lounge and adjoining courtyard, was a relaxed affair that tapped into some of the more exciting things happening in Los Angeles, including the return of the Los Angeles Rams football team and the release of a forthcoming My Little Pony theatrical feature film featuring the vocal talents of Sia, Emily Blunt, Kristin Chenoweth, and Zoë Saldana. However, not everything was about ’80s nostalgia and sports hero worship.
   As guests sipped on brewed-to-order Wolfgang Puck coffee and fuelled up on snacks, they enjoyed beauty or grooming services from Toni & Guy, and got the scoop on newer beauty lines such as vegan and environmentally friendly (and decadently feminine) LimeCrime from Los Angeles, Clarins’ new Double Serum, and Freeze Frame body solutions from Australia. Secret Room veteran Dr Kelly Hong was on hand to discuss the latest in cosmetic dentistry, and OI/Organic Initiative shared their environmentally friendly women’s personal care products.
   In the technology realm, Canadian firm Whoosh introduced guests to the concept of phone hygiene with its full range of non-toxic cellphone, tablet and computer screen cleansers and accessories, including anti-microbial emoji print cloths and Diamond Defense liquid screen protection. Like the stars at the suite, its Toronto-based creators, Jason Greenspan and Stefan Thorainson, made a splash on television. It was a winning product on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, the Canadian counterpart of Nippon TV’s マネーの虎 (Money Tigers). A company called Austlen Baby Strollers débuted what may be the Lamborghini of prams.
   ‘These are not easy to produce, while the public sometimes thinks it is,’ Boatwright continues. ‘The secret to success is picking good sponsors, along with having a roster of excellent celebrities consistently supporting our work and charities. We also appreciate the press, including Lucire.’
   In addition to the innovative items on display in the Glass Lounge, celebrities went home with a useful care package (in a sturdy L. L. Bean tote) for the Emmys’ weekend ahead, with goodies from Neutrogena, Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups, Munchkins baby supplies, Dr Motion Socks, Bliss spa products, Guylian chocolates, Kai fragrance, Lilou et Loïc candles, Haïti Made Leather Goods accessories, Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics, Evian facial spray, and Dr Motion compression socks.—Elyse Glickman, US West Coast Editor

Elyse Glickman

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