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IACP 2018: learning the secrets of the culinary professionals

Lola Cristall heads to the International Association of Culinary Professionals for a special weekend
March 14, 2018/14.35

Julie Lowry

The International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) gathered for an educational and informative weekend. Since the late 1970s the member-based group is predominantly comprised of chefs, nutritionists, restaurateurs, and artisan food producers. These skilful experts come together to share their knowledge and expertise. What started off as a group to support its members within the culinary world, amongst established connoisseurs including Julia Child, Anne Willan and Jacques Pepin, grew into a national, even international, sensation. With CEO Martha Holmberg and supportive staff members, the association is filled with extensive culinary mastery and know-how. From sessions to hands-on workshops, even field trips as well as the IACP awards ceremony, members get immersed in the culinary universe.
   Starting off each day with inspirational keynotes at this weekend event, speakers not only shared their experiences, but culinary techniques that would become the envy of all. Renowned American chef Bill Yosses, the former White House executive pastry chef, and called the ‘crust master’ by President Barack Obama, lured guests into his world of Perfect Pie, a range of beautifully prepared pies, each beautifully fit to fill anyone’s appetite. Winemaster Randy Ullom unveiled the techniques and art behind wine-making, focusing on blending chardonnay. Ullom concentrated on how to decipher a drink according to sips, swirls and savoury sensations. Sophie Egan, Ellie Krieger and Jim Romanoff explained how a wide range of food groups can result in optimal health as they explained the most popular and health-filled food trends. Each topic is carefully thought out.
   Sponsors included Cuisinart, Kendall–Jackson, California Ripe Olives, Kerrygold, Nueske’s, Viking, Melissa’s, Mercato as well as a range of other food- and kitchen-based brands.—Lola Cristall, Paris Editor

Julie Lowry

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