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Olga Lomaka premières Pink Magic in London

Olga Lomaka opened her latest exhibition in London, Pink Magic, her work inspired by the founder of Spatialism, Lucio Fontana, reports Elina Lukas
April 3, 2018/12.11

Spring is an exciting time of transformation and new beginnings, both in life and in the art scene. Olga Lomaka, a prestigious London pop artist, has premièred yet another fascinating project, Pink Magic, in the Hellenic Centre in March 2018. The exhibition was Lomaka’s first series of installations. Although working with different materials, from wood to plastic, is nothing new for the artist, Pink Magic took this to a new level by also playing with a variety of textures and colours, creating a unique feeling.
   The concept of the exposition was based on the æsthetic of an Argentine–Italian artist, Lucio Fontana. He was famous for deliberately making cuts in his canvas in search of a new dimension. This idea was transposed by Lomaka into a search for the unknown in everyday objects and shapes, leading it to become the exhibition’s base principle. The openings in Pink Magic represent not just a window into a different dimension, but they also symbolize female sexuality. The second main character in Pink Magic is the male symbol. In this case, it is represented by the famous and well-loved Pink Panther. It appears throughout the entire exposition, in many unexpected places: inside the object, on top of it or even hiding behind it, creating grounds for intriguing conversations and discussion around how the female and male beginnings interact, and how they come together as one to create magic.—Elina Lukas, Correspondent

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