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Good hosts New Zealand Fashion Week’s first sustainable style show

Good magazine brings together fashionable and sustainable labels with a fashion show open to the general public
August 17, 2018/12.29

Jyoti Morningstar’s We-ar is among the labels at Good’s Sustainable Style Show at New Zealand Fashion Week.

Lucire is UN Environment’s first fashion industry partner.

As Lucire published the first international sustainable style editorial in the 2000s, it’s our pleasure to note that our friends at Good magazine will present its Sustainable Style Show at New Zealand Fashion Week, on September 2 at 1 p.m., with tickets available to the public.
   The Good event is New Zealand Fashion Week’s first sustainable style group show in its 18-year history.
   Labels in the show include We-ar, Ovna Ovich, Mane Project, Outliv, Aurai Swimwear, Tonic & Cloth, Grumpysuns and Papinelle.
   ‘As we face off the threat of climate change, consumers are demanding more sustainable choices and product traceability. They want to know what their clothes are made of, and after the 2013 Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh, who made them,’ said Good editor-in-chief Carolyn Enting.
   ‘Generally the fashion industry is incredibly wasteful and harmful—environmentally and socially. We need to change the way clothing is produced and used and we’ve brought together a group of designers who are doing that and leading the way in New Zealand, and proving that sustainable and ethical fashion can still be stylish and fashion-forward. It’s exciting times for fashion and Good magazine has been a long-time champion in this space.’
   The event will be held at the Viaduct Events’ Centre, Auckland, New Zealand, with tickets available through Iticket.

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