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Nosta Beauty taps into the ’80s with a VHS-inspired face palette

Bring back a simpler time with Nosta Beauty’s multi-use face palette that taps into the colours of VHS from four decades ago
February 1, 2021/1.14

Nostalgia is a big pull, especially in uncertain times, and make-up artist Tiffany Tarazi’s Nosta Beauty has tapped into that with an ingenious face palette that taps in to the video cassette boom of the 1980s.
   Called the Swatch Me Face Palette Vol. 1, it’s ‘the first ever VHS ’80s-inspired multi-use face palette,’ with an inventive packaging that looks like the video cassette sleeve of old, opening up to show five palettes and video player iconography.
   The five shades (three matte, two shimmer) are blendable with a cream-to-powder finish that works on all skin tones, says Nosta, usable around eyes, and on the lips and cheeks. We love the copy: ‘fast forward to a new decade, play as hard as you work, pause to live in the moment, stop to smell the roses, and remember to be kind, rewind!’
   The Palette is vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free and non-toxic.
   If the Tarazi name rings a bell to long-time readers, you’ll have seen Tiffany’s mother Jessica’s make-up credit in Lucire since the mid-2000s, most recently in Lucire KSA in September 2020.
   The Palette is priced at US$35. Find out more at

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