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Account restored: we’re back on Instagram

We’re back on Instagram, though publisher Jack Yan says there are still unanswered questions
October 6, 2021/2.44

Lucire’s Instagram account has been reinstated, with Instagram parent company Facebook claiming that there had been a breach of its terms of service. I am personally thankful for those who responded to me and restored the account.

Their email states, inter alia, ‘You can’t attempt to create accounts or access or collect information in unauthorized ways. This includes creating accounts or collecting information in an automated way without our express permission. And based on your account’s recent activity, our systems have detected behavior that violates one or more of our policies.’

It is nonsense, of course, since there’s absolutely no proof. We’ve asked Facebook to furnish it to us, including the alleged activity and the IP address that it came from.

What information was allegedly collected? What was automated?

The regularity and speed at which fictions are expelled from Facebook is nothing short of astonishing—but then I’ve been saying that for years.

The only “unusual”, albeit permitted as far as I can make out in their terms, activity I might do with Instagram is access it on the desktop, since I dislike poking about on cellphone keyboards. I doubt I act like a machine when I do this. I certainly don’t do anything unauthorized, unless commenting and liking aren’t permitted any more. Desktop access does appear, as I stated in a release last week, to be a common thread for some of the accounts that were deleted. Instagram flagged my personal account for unusual activity when I began investigating the deletion last week—on the desktop, natch.

We’ve spotted, reported and blocked, thousands of spammers that Instagram has done nothing about, while very dubious activity happens on Facebook-owned platforms—yet the company has the gall to concoct charges and take actions like a failed communist state.

All this does is discourage us from using the platform. If you’re wondering why we’re beginning to remove social links from our new-look pages (such as the home page that went live today), that’s the reason. We don’t think they do much good, and is there anything to be gained by people using platforms run by irresponsible parties who place their own profits ahead of the community’s welfare?—Jack Yan, Founder and Publisher

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