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New book steers readers through the world of haute and luxury brands

Now out in US English, an instructive and well written book by Philippe Mihailovich and Caroline Taylor looks at the world of haute and luxury branding
April 7, 2022/1.28

Already named one of the top branding books of 2021 by The Branding Journal, Philippe Mihailovich and Caroline Taylor’s Haute ‘Luxury’ Branding: the High Luxury Pyramid has appeared in a US English edition, fresh for 2022.

Lucire publisher Jack Yan authored the foreword. Mihailovich had been a long-time member of Medinge Group, which Yan co-chairs.

Yan writes, ‘Despite these changes, the fundamentals of what entails haute luxury and luxury branding have not changed. Get the principles wrong, and there is no discernible brand personality, exclusivity, and less brand equity.’ He praises the authors, especially their Hauteluxe Luxury Pyramid, which is a particularly fitting model when analysing haute brands and luxury brands. There is a difference between the two that is often overlooked in the literature.

This is a particularly well resolved book that explores history, the distinction between east and west, and the future of the area, including sustainability. They’ve even looked at Elvis & Kresse, which Lucire featured in 2020.

Haute ‘Luxury’ Branding is available now via Amazon.

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