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SMoss’s third Capt Blackpool book, The Jade Lion, out now

The third Capt Blackpool book is out, as penned by our travel editor Stanley Moss, writing as SMoss
March 4, 2022/0.28

As many of you know, our travel editor Stanley Moss has penned a number of fiction titles, among them two novels starring Capt Harry Blackpool, a veteran of His Majesty’s Guards and a secret agent, and storylines that take you on a grand tour of 19th-century society (and a little of the 18th in flashbacks).

Stanley always envisaged the books to be a trilogy—it’s on the cover of the very first one, The Crimson Garter, which we serialized here on the Lucire website in 2014. In 2016, we followed up with Fate and the Pearls. The closing sentence of the latter will have given readers an indication of the next book in the trilogy, The Jade Lion, which was published this week.

The Jade Lion is a carving sacred to the royal house of Jaipur, and the book’s synopsis gives the locations: Central American jungles, old San Francisco, mining camps, frontier towns, the Great Plains, the Mississippi River, and New Orleans. It finds Blackpool encountering royalty, First Peoples, famous authors, an architect, gamblers, aristocrats, more of the Blackpool clan, and for the last time, his nemesis, Alexis Pierrepont.

Stanley wrote this third, 244 pp. instalment during the COVID-19 pandemic, between November 2020 and March 2022. It proves to be as exciting a read as the first two books, and you can get a copy now via Amazon, either on Kindle (US$6·96) or as a paperback (US$14·98).

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