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Essano launches Visible Repair range of creams and exilir, formulated for 50-plus skin

Available throughout New Zealand, Essano’s latest range acknowledges that skin changes after 50 years of age, and needs a product range to deal with its special requirements
May 6, 2022/13.18

Essano has launched its Visible Repair range, targeted at women over 50, with a formula specifically designed for mature skin.

With the changes in œstrogen and progesterone over 50, skin does not protect itself, maintain hydration, or produce strong collagen as it once did. The Visible Repair range, with its day cream, night cream, eye cream, and Facial Elixir, is clinically proven to deliver long-lasting hydration and reduce the depth and degree of wrinkles within two to four weeks.

Lapagyl is the active botanical ingredient in the range, sourced from the lapacho tree in Paraguay, reducing the ageing process. Essano sources the ingredient sustainably through a joint venture between local communities in Paraguay.

The Elixir uses Lapagyl, as well as Bakuchiol, a natural alternative to retinol, and vitamin C to do its work. Prices begin at NZ$39·99 for the eye cream, rising to NZ$44·99 for the day and night creams, while the flagship Facial Elixir retails for NZ$49·99.

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