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Rachel Hunter reveals more beauty secrets, with Essano’s certified organic rosehip oil

The supermodel, yoga teacher, presenter and author first came across Essano nine years ago and was impressed. Now she’s formally entered into a partnership endorsing the top selling Kiwi brand
July 13, 2022/5.51


Rachel Hunter has a reputation for endorsing only the products she genuinely believes in, and she’s lending her name and face to leading New Zealand skin care brand Essano.

The supermodel and yoga teacher says Essano’s Certified Organic Hydrating Rosehip Oil is a mainstay of her beauty routine. She has been using rosehip oil for over 15 years.

New Zealand-born and LA-based, Hunter discovered Essano when visiting home nine years ago. ‘I remember the first time I saw Essano, I was at home filming New Zealand’s Got Talent and was wandering through my local New World. I was drawn to the rosehip and the pink packaging. I was happy to see a natural, home grown, premium rosehip oil that was accessible to everyone. I was excited to try it as Essano adds açai berry to the rosehip oil for an additional antioxidant boost.

‘Then in the last year I saw Essano on the shelf in my local Rite Aid in LA. It is always exciting to see a Kiwi brand reaching America, so I bought the product off the stand right there and I got in touch with Essano.’

From there the two came up with their partnership. Both believe in being cruelty-free, prioritizing natural products, focusing on sustainability, and choosing certified organic where possible.

‘To be working with a brand like Essano that has such high-grade rosehip oil is a match made in heaven. Essano encompasses the qualities I admire in beauty—conscious, quality and makes my skin feel amazing,’ Hunter added.

She says that with her dry skin, she uses rosehip oil on her neck, arms, legs and body. ‘I love its golden, honey colour, and you can feel the sumptuous moisture from it as soon as you put it on your hands.

‘My morning skin care routine starts with a refreshing toner spray, followed by Essano Rosehip Oil. I let it soak in a bit and then I put on a touch of foundation and mascara. I have a very basic routine, I like to keep it as natural as possible. I’ve found this works for me, however I know skin can be hard at different stages of life and things can change as you get older.

‘I’ll often reapply the toner throughout the day, especially here with the LA heat, and in the evenings I remove my make-up with rosehip oil before using it on my entire face and sometimes my body as well. I have tried and continue to try many things on my skin over the years—it’s part of understanding and knowing what is good for your skin.’

Hunter adds, ‘When I choose skin care I like brands that are listening to consumers’ voices and making changes. I love to see cruelty-free icons, I love organic certifications, and I love sustainability credentials—everyone should have access to premium, natural products that have integrity—and are actually affordable. It is about our skin, but it is also about making high-grade quality products available for everyone, with a product that works.’

Essano’s rosehips are sustainably sourced from Patagonia Austral, certified organic by Ecocert, and cold-pressed. As a result, the oil is dense with nutrients.

In New Zealand, Essano is available from New World, Pak ’n’ Save, Countdown, Bargain Chemist, and online at

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