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Stanley Moss’s latest Global Brand Letter released for June ’22

The 23rd edition of Stanley Moss’s long-running journal on the world of branding has just been released and is available for download, writes Jack Yan
June 6, 2022/22.54

Lucire travel editor, and international brand guru, Stanley Moss has his latest Global Brand Letter out, with its 23rd edition. These have been a great read for anyone interested in brands or culture, as they take in a global view of the world of branding—all its quirks and fascinating tales, always placed in the context of the times we live in.

I still remember the first back in 2004, and Lucire print readers have been blessed with seeing versions of the Letter in the Zeitgeist section of the magazine.

This issue, Stanley covers advertising, AI, celebrities, NFTs, luxury and fashion, the metaverse, and more, and he concludes as he often does with the latest in vernacular brand-speak.

Gap’s collaboration with Kanye West, Fortnite’s eyewear line, Stolichnaya’s rebrand as non-Russian vodka, and Hermès lawsuit against artist Mason Rothschild over Birkin-inspired NFTs are among the topics Lucire readers will be interested in.

Head over to for all issues, and here for the latest PDF. We’ll likely have something referencing the same in print in the next month.
Jack Yan is founder and publisher of Lucire.

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