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Keith Haring’s work marks Pandora’s first art collaboration

The late pop artist’s energetic, vibrant work appears in 12 pieces in a limited-edition collection for the Danish jewellery company
September 22, 2022/12.18

Here’s a fantastic way to boost interest in Pandora: partner with the estate of pop artist Keith Haring. This 12-piece collection licenses Haring’s iconic work, including the barking dog, angel baby, and other motifs. The Keith Haring × Pandora collection will retail from September 29 to November 29, 2022, available at Pandora retail stores and online.

Haring (1958–90) was inspired by the graffiti artists of New York City, beginning with chalk drawings on black paper covering vacant advertising panels in the city. He rose to prominence in the 1980s with his energetic, stylized work, and was commissioned by many to create larger artworks. Many were created voluntarily for hospitals and schools. His work often revolved around positive messages: anti-crack, anti-apartheid, and safe sex among them. Haring died in 1990 of Aids.

Pandora pays tribute to Haring’s vision with its marketing campaign, communicating the Zeitgeist and vibe of New York creative culture in the 1980s.

‘This is our first art collaboration and an ideal match for Pandora. Haring’s ambition to make “art accessible for all” resonates strongly with Pandora’s mission to give a voice to people’s loves and make high-quality, hand-finished jewellery available to everyone,’ said Stephen Fairchild, chief product officer at Pandora. ‘There’s an openness and approachability to Haring’s philosophy, which speaks directly to what we stand for at Pandora. Our team has worked hard to translate Haring’s beautiful work into a jewellery collection and we look forward to presenting it to our customers.’

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