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Ruby revamps its website, with focus on CSR and sustainability

NEWS The Rubyverse gets a new look, with more information and a true understanding of 2020s consumer demands
April 13, 2023/22.30

When it seems websites were starting to look the same, along comes Ruby to shake the scene up.

The Rubyverse’s revamp launched Friday NZST with impactful imagery, social media activity, videos showing their designs in action, featured items, interesting and personal entries from the Ruby team, a section called ‘Toolbox for Change’ outlining the company’s efforts toward social responsibility, and, of course, online shopping.

The site is a celebration of colour, reflecting their styles of the season.

The Toolbox deals with everything from material sourcing, responsible manufacturing, carbon reduction, transparency, waste minimization, and supporting local industry. You can even shop by Toolbox classification.

Importantly, it’s a site that one can get easily immersed in—which can only be good news for Ruby and its sibling brand Liam.

Visit the Rubyverse at

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