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In brief: the best of British, from Ted Baker, Underground England, and Man United × Adidas

Cool Britannia informs our trio of fashionable fare in our latest update
May 17, 2023/11.57

Ted Baker has launched its timepieces, tying in with its spring 2023 Ticket to Ride campaign. The new watches include designs with the Phylipa Bow motif. They are available in pink and black, at at US$140.

The Ammy Floral, meanwhile, features a wildflower print on the strap and dial, while the Fleure uses the Ted Baker magnolia motif on its dial.


Staying with the UK, Underground England has shown its latest offerings, adding to its original footwear styles. The steel cap boots have their classic silhouettes, including the UR-7536-UJRO Stormer X Steel Cap design with a faded Union Jack, and a Ranger 14-eyelet model with a tartan design. The double sole designs step things up with a built 4 cm sole; go triple sole and it’s 5·5 cm. The Creeper line in black suede continues after 36 years, with added designs featuring spikes, tartan, and a Union Jack, while a royal blue colouring stands out. There are Winklepickers, a Nox sneaker, and accessories, including leathergoods, scarves, headwear, badges and jewellery, all made in the UK, all with a subcultural feel.


We love the vegan-friendly line using a non-animal material called OnMicro that performs and looks like leather. Underground also offers a custom service where OnMicro can be specified.

Finally, for another retro collection, look no further than Adidas’ Manchester United × Originals collection, where the German label reimagines what fans of the Red Devils wore back in 1988–90. It’s available at and selected retailers.

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