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Wauzine 004 celebrates 20 emerging designers from Kenya

We’re always happy to champion designers from around the world. In a similar vein, Fashion Scout and Trio Media have gone into the heart of Nairobi to showcase 20 emerging designers from Kenya in the latest issue of Wauzine
August 6, 2023/12.01

Wauzine’s fourth issue, ‘Kutoka Nairobi’, celebrates 20 emerging designers from Kenya. Presented by Creative DNA: Kenya, powered by Fashion Scout and Trio Media, the programme has been funded by the British Council. Iona McCreath of KikoRomeo leads this issue as creative director, stylist and features’ editor, with Rogers Ouma as photographer, showcasing the talents in Kenya alongside visuals from Nairobi, its capital.

Designers in this issue are, African Yuva, Akiba Studios, Alegohono, Amagove Mugere, the Bold Latte, Bonkerz Nrb, Hisi Studio, the Label Saba, Mabatini, Mago Got You, Matia Kenya, Molivian, Mrembo Africa, Oye, Tausi Conde, Theresia Kyalo, Tribal Trends, True Denim Collection, and Uncommon Rebel.

Wauzine 004 can be seen at the Fashion Scout website here.

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