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Runway to Seoul holds first event in the South Korean capital

The event, presented by WWD Korea and others, plans to go global with its mix of fashion, music and culture
October 9, 2023/12.34

Runway to Seoul, hosted by Yoox, WWD Korea, SBA (Seoul Business Agency) and KBIZ (the Korea Federation of SMEs), was held last month at DDP Oullim Square in the South Korean capital. The futuristic fashion show, which blended fashion with Korean entertainment and augmented reality (AR) and other extended reality (XR) technologies.

The first edition stayed local but the organizers envisage future Runway to Seoul events taking place in New York, Paris and Milano.

Yoox showcased its private label 8 by Yoox, which brings forth 1990s minimalism and Y2K futurism and grunge. Other labels included Leey, Ordinarypeople, Nache, Niche2night, Kowgi, and Mina Chung.

The event also included performances by Kiss of Life, DJ250, Kimximyada, and d’Auspice.

Guests included singers Holland, Lee Seung Han, Lee Hwan Hee, Lee Dong Yeol, Loudi and Sun-youl, rappers Swings and Vapo, actors Ji Il-joo, Doi Hyeon, Lee Sang Yun and Kim Min Kyu, K-pop girl groups Nature and Cherry Bullet, and drag artist Nana Youngrong Kim.

Other partners include Hera, Juno Hair, Seven Broye, Dipe, Galleriex (which provided the AR fashion booths), Backslash, and Mirrorloid. Ontimeshow, the Shanghai showroom company, also played a part.

Yuna Kim, publisher of WWD Korea, said, ‘Our vision is to showcase for the next generation a celebration of creativity and innovation. WWD Korea, as a cultural ambassador, is passionately dedicated to expanding Runway to Seoul, weaving the vibrant Korean artistry and culture, bridging fashion, music, technology, and entertainment, to the world stage.’
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