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Adventures in knitwear: Kerisma finds joie de vivre for spring 2024

A surprising father–daughter brand innovates in knitwear and brings in the tension from opposites to create the energy for spring ’24
February 21, 2024/23.51

A collection inspired by feminine sensuality and insatiable lust for comfort; tenderness in creating designs that cater to our boldness and to our more subtle self. Kerisma took the liberty to “doubly play” this season.

Kerisma is all about scaling patterns, playing up volumetric shapes, and accentuating closure details to lead us on delightful trompe l’œil adventures! The brand takes cues from feminine playfulness, sensuality and an insatiable lust for comfort and tenderness in creating designs that cater to our boldness and to our more subtle self. Choose your direction freely—but also pivot as needed. Redirection is direction.

This eight-series mini-collection is full of eye-catching moments that reiterate the beauty and power of geometric patterns and shapes, seemingly invigorating our bodies with renewed energy and much needed radiance after a dreadful, sun-starved, still lingering winter. Come out and play, fighting on against the draining seasonality of fashion (especially fast fashion).

Kerisma was founded in 2010 by father–daughter duo Phil Ke and Lihui Ke, who both have Chinese heritage, and have spent time in Wenzhou, Paris, and New York before basing themselves in downtown Los Angeles. The company continually seeks better harvested, recycled and upcycled, and higher-quality yarns that are earth- and wallet-friendly, and aims to use 100 per cent recycled plastic polybags by autumn 2024.

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