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Identity Lingerie creates sustainable couples’ nightwear, supporting Ukrainian artisans and charities

Lincolnshire-based Identity Lingerie, founded by a couple with Ukrainian roots, creates sustainable, ethical nightwear, and demonstrates the resilience of the Ukrainian people
June 4, 2024/22.12

Couple wearing matching pyjamas
Couple wearing matching pyjamas
Couple wearing matching pyjamas
Expat Ukrainians Igor Abramovich and Diana Narodytska met while studying at the University of Surrey, and, together, they embarked on creating Identity Lingerie, a sustainable, ethical brand creating pyjamas, dressing gowns, nightgowns, lingerie and dresses.

Based in Lincolnshire, production is contracted to ateliers in Sumy, Ukraine, the couple’s home town. Despite the war, the seamstresses in Sumy—who continue the country’s heritage of craftsmanship—create the items.

Approaching production from a zero-waste perspective, fabric remnants are turned into hair accessories and pouches. Old-stock fabric and leftovers are donated to Ukrainian charities, which produce linen and undergarments for hospitals, and military camouflage nets. They also order material in small batches to minimize stock and waste.

Identity’s latest release is the Couples Matching Nightwear collection, with satin pyjamas and robes. Custom sizes can be ordered, and there are even embroidery choices to personalize the items.

In a release, the couple said, ‘Our journey at Identity Lingerie has always been guided by the values of love, inclusivity and the joy of shared moments. With the Couples Matching Nightwear collection, we extend these values to our customers, inviting them to wrap themselves in the spirit of family and togetherness.’

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