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Pandora’s lab-grown diamonds reach home market; Pamela Anderson fronts campaign

Already launched in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, México and Brazil, Pandora brings its lab-grown diamonds to its home market
June 6, 2024/11.42

Pamela Anderson
Mario Sorrenti
Pandora has begun offering its lab-grown diamonds’ collection in its home country of Denmark, the first time the collection has appeared in the EU, after the Americas, Australia and the UK. It is also opening its first flagship store in København today (June 6).

Four collections will be launched in Denmark: Talisman, Infinite, Nova, and Era, priced from 1,899 kr. The campaign, photographed by Mario Sorrenti, stars Pamela Anderson and former Vogue creative director Grace Coddington, among others.

‘Our lab-grown diamonds represent the future of luxury. They combine beauty and responsibility, and we are incredibly excited to bring them to Denmark. As a Danish company, it is particularly meaningful for us to introduce this innovation to our home market,’ said Alexander Lacik, CEO and president of Pandora.

The company stresses that lab-grown diamonds are physically, optically, chemically and thermally identical to mined ones, and are still graded by the four Cs. The labs are powered by 100 per cent renewable energy, as are the cutting and polishing. They are then set in 100 per cent recycled silver and gold.

Pandora ceased using mined diamonds in 2021.

Its new 500 m² flagship store in København is its largest to date, and is located on Strøget, at Vimmelskaftet 35. It includes a Style Studio and bespoke services including engraving, gifting and piercing. Its original 1982 location was on Nørrebrogade, 3 km from the new flagship store.
Diamond jewellery
Diamond jewellery
Diamond jewellery

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