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Volvo and Vattenfall plan plug-in hybrid, using sustainable electricity

June 6, 2009/10.23

Plug-in hybrids are getting a lot of news lately, and Volvo is the latest to make an announcement. Teaming up with Swedish energy company Vattenfall, the car maker plans a 2012 plug-in hybrid. Vattenfall itself plans to generate the electricity sustainably.    The companies say that the plug-in hybrids would cost €3 per 100 km […]

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Mini United celebrates 50 years of an icon

May 27, 2009/14.07

Last weekend, 25,000 enthusiasts from over 40 countries attended the Mini United Festival at Silverstone to celebrate the 50th anniversary of an automotive icon. It’s hard to believe that the Mini celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, having cemented itself as one of the 20th century’s most significant cars and a style icon in its […]

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Mini celebrates 50th with unique model dedicated to George Harrison

May 15, 2009/11.05

Mini celebrates its 50th birthday this weekend at Silverstone, England. It has come up with a fresh interpretation of George Harrison’s extravagant original Mini to coincide with the event, using the latest R55 model as its base.    The one-off model will be presented to Harrison’s widow, Olivia, at the Mini United event. She will […]

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Denmark launches clothing with high UV protection

May 1, 2009/9.37

On April 28, Kræftens Bekæmpelse (the Danish Cancer Society) launched a campaign against skin cancer, opened by Crown Princess Mary. Danish designers have created a fashion range high in UV protection made with sustainable materials. The clothes have been tested for ultraviolet radiation with the UV-801 test at the Institute of Technology, Denmark. The video […]

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Arnsdorf, RAFW spring–summer 2009–10

April 28, 2009/1.47

Again I’m in second-to-front row, with a goody bag, at Arnsdorf. I look behind me this time, expecting this show to also be a mish-mash of hierarchy, but no, only the front two rows have the bags. I put on my dark glasses and pretend that I’m famous too.    Oh oh oh, crop tops […]

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Power women at Bec & Bridge


The catwalk at the Bec & Bridge show was in the shape of a T with three entrances, proving the models’ professional skills as they negotiated each other at the intersection. They came out of each door at breakneck speed, and the nail-biting risk of their carefully choreographed routine seemed to emphasize the strong-woman atmosphere […]

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Camilla and Marc do cream and sex

April 27, 2009/12.11

I am looking forward to a sexy summer with Camilla and Marc.    Universally, summer trends seem to be all about plays of proportion, and Camilla and Marc’s spring–summer 2009–10 collection affirms this. In typical Australian style, this collection was laid-back and light in spirit. Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images    Looks were accessorized with heavy gold […]

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For the enjoyment of knitting

April 22, 2009/11.43

Yes, I enjoy knitting. And I have done ever since my childhood trips away to stay with my Nan every winter holidays. I knew I only had a couple of weeks to knit up a storm—because once I left there wouldn’t be anyone to fix up my mistakes. It was always just a scarf, and because it only […]

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Gains on Losses

April 21, 2009/11.40

After being named winner of the 2009 New Zealand National Drawing Awards, John Ward Knox will be exhibiting his new work Gains on Losses at Enjoy Gallery in Wellington from April 23 to May 16.    On display for the public eye will be an elegant group of new work by the artist, which will expand on notions of an […]

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Design exhibition deemed not to disappoint

April 12, 2009/11.28

Travelling the world for three years and having already showed in Torino, Kyoto, Hong Kong and Melbourne, this international touring exhibition entitled The Dimension of the Plane—Communication Design in Germany is set to deliver some of Germany’s most current, innovative and leading-edge design. The exhibition, curated by the Rat für Formgebung (German Design Council) in Frankfurt, is an overview of […]

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