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Fergie celebrates birthday with JUZD fashion show

March 23, 2009/22.45

Canadian label JUZD Bamboo Streetwear will showcase its designs at a birthday party for Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas in Miami Beach, Fla. this Friday.    The event will take place as part of Mash Appeal at Dolce Ultralounge and JUZD says its show is the featured one of the evening.    DJ Craze, […]

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Tata Nano’s significance reaches far beyond India’s shores


This morning at our New Zealand bureau, we received a news advisory about the launch of the Tata Nano in Mumbai today.    We expect to have coverage of the launch by this time tomorrow.    The Nano, which we covered excitedly in Lucire in January 2008, represents a positive step for the Indian motor […]

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Renault launches Laguna 3 ad campaign with Eric Cantona


Renault has launched a campaign for the Laguna 3 with former Manchester United football player Eric Cantona, using humour and targeting the internet as well as conventional media.    Called Le rencontre (The Encounter), the commercial is irreverent but manages to show the Laguna in a quality light.    The campaign breaks today in France […]

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Insight about the Honda Insight

March 21, 2009/9.46

Above: The 2000 Honda Insight for the US market.   [Cross-posted] I get a bit bored of the media—this includes The New York Times today quoting ‘analysts’—saying that the Honda Insight (which got way better mileage than the Toyota Prius, and which was on sale in the US before the Prius) did not succeed because […]

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They could have been Car to Be Seen in ’09

March 19, 2009/9.17

We are a bit late this year announcing our Car to Be Seen in finalists. But I can tell you which new models have been taken off the final shortlist. Our honourable mentions are, for 2009, the following. Audi A4    The Quattro models are fine but the front-wheel-drive model struggles with grip. We like […]

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Lucire TV: Mini John Cooper Works tested


Yes, we know the title card needs a bit of tweaking, but Steve, our video editor–producer, is stuck in jury duty. But do enjoy our Mini John Cooper Works road test—you can catch the same in the next print edition and online here later today. Our photographs for the article, by Tanya Sooksombatisatian, were wonderful—we’ve […]

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Top model Jodie Kidd kicks off Fiat’s EcoDrive

March 18, 2009/11.01

Last year, we said the Fiat 500 would be the Car to Be Seen in—and this year, more people are getting on board the popular retro-styled subcompact car.    After celebrating Barbie’s 50th anniversary with a pink 500 last week (below), Fiat has announced that British top model Jodie Kidd was the first Briton to […]

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Chevrolet shows off its 2010 Camaro

March 17, 2009/11.47

Here are some of the first videos of the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro, a new American sports car based on the platform of the Holden Commodore. The R&D team was jointly Australian and American—Aussies arguably have a better grasp of engineering modern, full-size, rear-drive platforms—but the styling is unashamedly American, inspired by the original 1960s’ Camaros. […]

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Panos Emporio prepares for summer ’09

March 14, 2009/12.48

As mentioned in this weekend’s feature, we’ve had photographs from Panos Emporio’s summer 2009 for quite some time, but March is a far better time to release them than September. The ranges are hitting boutiques now, and we liked Panos’s inspirations this season from tropical gardens and deserts for his main collection. There’s more on […]

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The Lucire Wordle


This is a lovely tag-cloud from a service called Wordle, which takes blog feeds and rearranges them as a graphic in a variety of typefaces. The image, taken from Lucire’s ‘Insider’ feed as of yesterday, is licensed by Creative Commons, attributed to Wordle. You may also like Tomorrow, blogs might even drive print magazines Lucire […]

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