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Cars not to be seen in ’08

December 23, 2007/3.32

We’ll announce the 2008 Car to Be Seen in nominees shortly on the Lucire website, but what gets us is how many mainstream models are in the reject pile. But at least the Australian Toyota Avalon and Rover 45 are gone. Chrysler Chrysler Sebring Jeep Patriot Jeep Compass GM Daewoo Tosca (a.k.a. Chevrolet Epica, Holden Epica)  […]

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Van Cleef & Arpel sues Heidi Klum, Mouawad


Reuter reports that Van Cleef & Arpel ?led a lawsuit in New York last Friday against Heidi Klum GmbH and Mouawad USA, alleging that its Alhambra clover design had been copied and that the companies bene?ted from its reputation. Van Cleef & Arpel claims $25,000.    In copyright, the plaintiff has the onus in proving objective […]

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Swimwear for the baby boom


With a baby boom at Lucire, this seems to be an appropriate story: new styles of swimwear for Mums-to-be. A Pea in the Pod, Mimi Maternity and Motherhood Maternity have new lines for the next spring in the northern hemisphere. The story won’t make it into the print edition of Lucire here, but we showed the […]

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Dress My Nest: feng shui and clutter

December 21, 2007/13.49

Clutter and feng shui are connected, according to Jayme Barrett in this segment from’s Dress My Nest. On today’s Lucire home page. You may also like Miss France and Scarlett Johansson among our most popular articles in ’11 No Time to Die a fine send-off for Daniel Craig as James Bond A historical musical […]

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When beige is bad

December 20, 2007/21.31

Beige is a bad interior-design default colour, says Dress My Nest’s Thom Filicia in our latest segment on the online cover of Lucire. You may also like Ellie Goulding launches Range Rover Velar into US market with exclusive NYC performance Lucire updates: emerging talent, a new social network, and Lady Gaga on the Bruxelles subway […]

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Thom Filicia dispels myth no. 6

December 18, 2007/16.47

I know we started with no. 2, then no. 12, and we are now on no. 6 on Thom Filicia’s Dress My Nest tips—but that’s the order we’ve been given permission to post them in. As of last night, Thom has been dispelling another interior-decorating myth on our home page: that furniture has to be […]

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Thom Filicia dispels myth no. 12


Thom Filicia uses a good fashion analogy here in his latest design tip on our home page today. Myth no. 12: there’s no need for there to be a single pattern in a room. This one should make immediate sense to anyone browsing this site. You may also like Lucire updates: emerging talent, a new […]

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Cadillac heads Down Under

December 14, 2007/7.06

[Cross-posted] Cadillac will head Down Under, according to General Motors–Holden’s boss Chris Gubbey.    It makes sense: the brand is well known despite not having retailed here postwar, thanks to American media, President Bush and The Matrix Reloaded. GM has been making right-hand-drive Caddys for some time for the Japanese and the British. And with […]

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Thom Filicia dispels myth no. 2: that all furniture must match

December 13, 2007/11.43

Here’s today’s clip. I love how Thom Filicia from Dress My Nest dispels another myth about interior design. This episode’s myth: all furniture should match. Thom says, ‘Cobblers!’ (Not that exact word: his statements are far better, as you’ll see below.) You may also like Lucire updates: emerging talent, a new social network, and […]

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Missing the holey table

December 10, 2007/4.38

In Lucire issue 24, one of my criticisms about the Quadrant Hotel in Auckland was directed at the table. This table is full of holes as an arty feature. Not a good idea: keys, cards and Strepsils kept falling through the holes.    Quadrant sales and marketing director Penny Evans wrote me today to note that […]

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