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Lucire’s summer ’10 travel specials

June 14, 2010/10.38

Last week was, by all accounts, a slow news week. We glanced at the wires, and the sort of articles that might have piqued the interest of Lucire readers just weren’t arriving. However, that did mean we could pull out our summer travel specials, penned by our industrious west coasters, travel editor Stanley Moss and […]

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Museum Hotel gives Miss Universe New Zealand an Apprentice setting

June 4, 2010/13.42

Above The Miss Universe New Zealand 2010 judging panel: Samantha Hannah, Evana Patterson, Jack Yan (in the chair), Dina Janse van Rensburg and Carl Manderson. If you caught my last post, you’ll know that I wasn’t with our Miss Universe New Zealand 2010 contestants until the evening. I awaited the arrival of Evana Patterson, with […]

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A positive feeling for this year’s Miss Universe New Zealand contest

May 29, 2010/13.49

Miss Universe Above Katie Taylor, Miss Universe New Zealand 2009. The author says he looks forward to a strong competition in 2010 as he and his fellow judges find Taylor’s successor on June 5 in Wellington. Last year, the Miss Universe New Zealand pageant was one of the best natured ones I’ve judged here. What […]

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The final of Ashes to Ashes: a cultural phenomenon

May 21, 2010/12.11

Above Keeley Hawes as DI Alex Drake and Philip Glenister as DCI Gene Hunt in Ashes to Ashes, concluding tonight on BBC One. Tonight on BBC One, the final of Ashes to Ashes airs in the UK.    Of all the TV shows we have covered in Lucire, Ashes to Ashes seems to be one […]

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Surprising trends from Lucire’s stats

March 30, 2010/5.15

After 1,000 posts at Lucire’s ‘Insider’ section—a relative latecomer in terms of fashion magazine blogs—we thought it might be fun to go into statistician mode and reveal which were the top articles and figures over the last two and a half years.    There were reasons we avoided blogging. First, Lucire had an active forum […]

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Getting a good laugh over the Jennifer Hawkins nude cover non-story

January 9, 2010/2.42

[Cross-posted] This whole Jennifer Hawkins nude cover story has been another media-concocted non-story. But I will give it some kudos: it influenced Australian celebrity dialogue for a week, and it shows that Murdochs still have some sway over public opinion.    We knew about it at Lucire, and thought: OK, a radio presenter doesn’t like […]

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Jennifer Hawkins breaks silence over nude cover shoot

January 7, 2010/23.21

Jennifer Hawkins has broken her silence over her nude cover photo for Marie Claire Australia, which has caused a great deal of controversy this week.    The former Miss Universe says the shoot was only done to raise money for an eating disorder charity, and to promote a healthy lifestyle.    The furore has surrounded […]

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Tyra Banks to end talk show in the spring

December 29, 2009/22.24

Tyra Banks has announced that her daytime talk show will end, with the last episodes to be made in the spring.    Even after the end of production, the show will continue to air for 2010–11, though with best-of episodes, says Variety.    The Tyra Show began in 2005, and has won Daytime Emmys in […]

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FedEx Global Access Awards create a sense of mystery

November 29, 2009/4.02

Above The five finalist labels of the FedEx Global Access Fashion Award. One thing fashion journalists are seldom called on to do is the sort of investigative probing that was best exemplified by the fictional Cal McCaffrey, as played by John Simm, in State of Play. We investigate, but it all seems mundane in comparison. […]

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Michelle Obama leads Elle’s best-dressed list

November 27, 2009/5.10

Elle’s best-dressed list for 2009 has US First Lady Michelle Obama in first place in the ‘politique chic’ category, with France’s own First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy in second.    French Sports Minister Rama Yade came third, followed by HRH Princess Letizia in fourth place and French presidential candidate Ségolène Royal in fifth.    While the […]

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