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A public thank-you to the Lucire team

March 6, 2011/3.35

To my loyal and hard-working team: thank you.    This is a very public thanks to you all for getting us to a landmark: 101 articles picked up by Google News in the course of a month.    While these numbers are tiny alongside the big sites, it’s not bad for an independent, niche publication […]

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Christchurch earthquake: a first-hand account

February 23, 2011/10.39

This is a war zone; but no sign of the enemy. People crushed to death; people trapped; people missing. Friends are missing. People’s lives shattered forever.    Christchurch’s latest earthquake just before 1 p.m. yesterday is New Zealand’s worst natural disaster.    The mood and atmosphere around the streets and suburbs of Christchurch is one […]

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Emmanuelle Alt confirmed as editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris

January 8, 2011/2.17

Above Vogue Paris’s December 2010 issue, which turned out to be one of Carine Roitfeld’s last as editor-in-chief. As predicted several weeks ago, Condé Nast has named Emmanuelle Alt as the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, succeeding Carine Roitfeld.    Alt, formerly fashion director at the magazine, will begin her new role on February 1 with […]

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Miranda Kerr is the most searched-for celeb at Lucire

December 22, 2010/10.19

Above Miranda Kerr in an earlier Victoria’s Secret campaign. The most searched-for celebrity name in this section of Lucire‘s website over the last 12 months was Miranda Kerr (left), model wife of actor Orlando Bloom.    It seems the bulk of queries for Miss New Zealand 2010 Ria van Dyke wound up on our site […]

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Blogs are good for fashion, as long as we can find them

December 20, 2010/10.59

Above Journalist Simone Werle’s Style Diaries: World Fashion from Berlin to Tokyo uncovers the fashion blogosphere and the personalities behind some of the influential blogs. (Click for, Amazon UK and Amazon Deutschland.) The first time I encountered a fashion blog, I thought it was pretty crap. All its ideals aside, blogging, initially, seemed to […]

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Carine Roitfeld resigns as editor of Vogue Paris

December 18, 2010/2.52

Above Vogue Paris’s December 2010 issue, with Tom Ford as guest editor. Roitfeld and Ford had worked together in the 1990s and were close collaborators. Carine Roitfeld, editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, yesterday announced that she will stand down from the role in January. The April 2011 issue will be her last.    Roitfeld, 56, would […]

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Happy birthday, Lucire

October 20, 2010/13.08

Above The first issue of Lucire in 1997. Below right Lucire’s first iPad cover. n hour ago, we turned 13. Normally this wouldn’t have merited much of a mention, since 13’s not the sort of number people tend to celebrate. But I happened to be up, after a long day catching up on emails post-election, […]

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Our first photographs from London Fashion Week

September 19, 2010/1.23

Douglas Rimington/Detune Photography Above are some pictures from our London-based photographer, Douglas Rimington, which remind us just how good a lensman he is. We’ll be bringing you more from London Fashion Week spring–summer 2011, as we have done with New York, as Doug files his photographs from the shows.    With the contemporaneous New Zealand […]

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UK firm creates Naomi Campbell blood diamond game

August 16, 2010/9.31

For most of the trial of the dictator Charles Taylor, who is facing war crimes’ charges in Den Haag, we decided not to cover supermodel Naomi Campbell’s bit-part in the case.    The main reason was that it trivialized the Taylor case. The man is accused of serious crimes against humanity, including murder, the use […]

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Audi launches A8 at Cape Kidnappers

July 12, 2010/11.31

July 12: press launch for the Audi A8 in New Zealand. We’ve been lunched, wined and dined by the folks at Audi at Cape Kidnappers, but it’s not all fun and games. Taking the A8 on some of the windy roads around this part of the country, I’ve found that it has excellent grip, and […]

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