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No change you can believe in

Filed by Jack Yan/September 23, 2008/11.45

Folks, I have had to turn down, in the interests of balance, an advertising campaign from the Obama for America people. This is not the ?rst time we have had to opt out of advertising, no matter how much money was on offer. (Interestingly, it is usually the Democrats who are keen to advertise online; even Howard Dean approached us in 2004 during the primaries.) If the Republican Party also had a web campaign, then I will, of course, reconsider the Obama campaign, and allow the advertising space on this site to be a bit more of a battleground. For me, I believe in a balanced political process and I feel uncomfortable with allowing one major party to gain an advantage over another using this title.
   If I deem it appropriate (e.g. the principles are in line with this magazine’s), I might consider giving a minor party an airing though—simply because one never hears their views through the mainstream media. It is less likely to happen as there is less money involved.
   Did I do the right thing? Comments from either side of the spectrum are welcome.

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