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Christie Brinkley to début jewellery line on QVC

NEWS  by Lucire staff/July 31, 2010/2.27

QVC has announced that model Christie Brinkley has a line of jewellery which she will sell through the network.
   She will début the Christie Brinkley Jewelry Collection on Sunday, August 1 at 9 p.m. (EDT). The line becomes available on the 1st, through or at 1 800 345-1515 within the US.
   Each piece in the collection is created especially for QVC. The range includes bracelets, cocktail rings and dangle earrings, with gemstones including sky-blue topaz and moonstone, supposedly inspired by the ocean waves near her Hamptons home. Flower motifs feature heavily.
   The new line has been produced by Ross–Simons Jewelry.

An inspirational evening at the New Zealand Art Show

NEWS  by Jack Yan//0.25

Matt Payne
Matt Payne

Ann Skelly
Ann Skelly

Libby McColl
Libby McColl—who told Lucire that she sign-writes as well, which might explain how she accurately interpreted the lettering on the train carriage

Donna O'Donoghue
Donna O'Donoghue
Donna O’Donoghue—we defy anyone not to smile when they see her work

Philina den Dulk
Philina den Dulk

Lisa Taylor-King
Lisa Taylor-King, whose raw emotion worked itself into Trinity

Daniel Campion
Daniel Campion, taking apple cores and hundreds of thousands

Lisa Taylor-King explains to Lucire’s Victoria Jones the inspiration behind her work, Trinity

If you are in Wellington, you need to head to the TSB Arena on Queens Wharf to the New Zealand Art Show, running till August 1 inclusive.
   Lucire attended on Friday night, in the presence of Her Excellency Lady Satyanand, for a Wellington Children’s Hospital benefit. Our thanks go to Don Christie and Catalyst IT Ltd. for their support.
   The event draws some 10,000 visitors and more art from New Zealand’s established artists than you can imagine in one space. Sunday visitors can hear live jazz from 1 p.m.
   I was dismayed to hear that the current Wellington City Council intends to cut its share of the the show’s funding. I oppose this, and would reverse this decision if elected mayor. Not only do we get 10,000 visitors to Wellington, the city stands to earn a considerable amount—far more than what is invested.
   Where else, after all, could we see such talented artists as Donna O’Donoghue of New Plymouth (whom I have followed on Twitter for a while), Tracey Devlin-Bailey of Paraparaumu, Ann Skelly and Lisa Taylor-King of Wellington, Libby McColl, Nick Fedaeff and Matt Payne of Auckland, Philina den Dulk of South Otago and Daniel Campion of Nelson under one roof?
   While these particular artists tweaked our interest, there are countless more. Visitors can buy at the event, and we, too, were blessed with live music and food at the charity gala on Friday night.—Jack Yan

Kiwi entrepreneurs launch Snapr to share mobile photos

NEWS  by Jack Yan/July 30, 2010/3.19

[Cross-posted] My friend Edward Talbot (son of fashion designer Helen Talbot), and his friend and business partner Rowan Wernham, launched their Snapr ( service today. It’s the ideal way to share geotagged photographs in the 2010s, and I expect these guys to do some great things as Snapr takes off.
   Snapr was the only Kiwi (if not southern hemisphere) venture to show at SXSW’s Accelerator competition this year, and is a perfect example of how New Zealand talent can take on and change the world.
   I foresee Snapr having a big take-up by netizens, especially as we move more into greater smartphone usage, mobile snaps, and augmented reality.
   In their release, Ed and Rowan state: ‘Snapr is a big public channel for people to share what’s happening in their life. We love the idea of a map with crowdsourced photos, you can look in anywhere, discover new people, and find neat things going on.
   â€˜Mobile snaps are less about aesthetics, they are an immediate way to show what is going on where you are.’
   The release goes on to describe the service. ‘Photos on Snapr are viewed via a map based interface. Snaps from the same place and time are naturally brought together.
   â€˜An iPhone application [a free download] allows users to upload photos, send tweets, and view the map on the go.’
   The founders have their favourite images already grouped on the site, and you can begin to see how it works. Here are Rowan’s, and here are Ed’s.
   While founded in Auckland, this is the sort of business I see starting in Wellington under my mayoral policies: high-tech, creative, even game-changing. It’s where the level playing field allows Kiwis to reach punch well above our weight.

Miss Universe New Zealand 2010, Ria van Dyke, in more Angela Scott photos

NEWS  by Lucire staff//1.21

Miss Universe New Zealand 2010 Ria van Dyke
Miss Universe New Zealand 2010 Ria van Dyke
Miss Universe New Zealand 2010 Ria van Dyke
Miss Universe New Zealand 2010 Ria van Dyke
Miss Universe New Zealand 2010 Ria van Dyke
Miss Universe New Zealand 2010 Ria van Dyke
Miss Universe New Zealand 2010 Ria van Dyke
Angela Scott

With nine days till she flies off to Miss Universe in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ria van Dyke, Miss New Zealand, has been shot by more photographers than any of her recent predecessors prior to the international pageant.
   Her latest shoot is with Angela Scott, who also photographed van Dyke immediately after her win in Wellington in June 2010.
   Van Dyke’s latest images show a more sultry and sophisticated side, and of the approved photographs, she has added an extra swimwear shot.
   Her official engagements and photographs can be found at the Miss Universe New Zealand website and its Facebook fan page. Her own official site is at

Basquesse to move to Australia

NEWS  by Lucire staff/July 29, 2010/0.51

After losing Andrea Moore to Auckland, fashion label Basquesse has announced that it, too, will depart Wellington—for the larger market of Sydney.
   Basquesse founder and designer Viviana Pannell has said that the Wellington boutique will close at the end of October 2010. Basquesse reopens in Sydney in the first quarter of 2011.
   Pannell cited both family and business opportunities across the Tasman Sea, and acknowledged that part of Basquesse’s income was from international buyers. Being based in Sydney brings the label closer to some of its clientèle.
   â€˜During my years leading and designing for Basquesse here in New Zealand, I have met a great number of wonderful women (and men) who have inspired and encouraged me. Some have become not just my best clients but very dear friends. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart because no artist can ever be fulfilled without those who love her art,’ says Pannell.
   There will be a closing sale, while the made-to-measure service is expected to continue till the doors shut at the end of October.

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Mission Control adds to shapewear market

NEWS  by Lucire staff/July 28, 2010/0.34

Mission Control

Mission Control aims to be an empowering brand in shapewear, with space-inspired graphics in their marketing to suit the image of an independent, decisive woman. The company says the apparel has hidden ‘control panels with sleek microfibre, power mesh, and lace, acting as body armour.’
   Shapewear helps wearers sculpt and get definition to different parts of their figures, and initial reviews indicate that there are no roll-down problems with the shorts. More information can be found at

Lisa Matson appointed make-up director at L’Oréal Paris

NEWS  by Lucire staff/July 27, 2010/0.14

Lisa Matson, who has been associated with L’Oréal Paris since it began sponsoring the inaugural New Zealand Fashion Week in the early 2000s, has been appointed make-up director of the company’s New Zealand outpost.
   Matson will work on new product launches, product, fashion and beauty shoots and shows, trade education and events and work with beauty editors.
   â€˜Internationally we have some extremely visible and successful make-up artists working with our brand—the likes of James Kaliardos in the UK and Rae Morris in Australia. With Lisa’s appointment we now have one of the best local make-up artists working with us,’ says Sally Giles, group marketing manager for L’Oréal Paris in New Zealand.

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Revealed: 20 years of Dolce & Gabbana

NEWS  by Lucire staff/July 22, 2010/4.47

Dolce & Gabbana autumn–winter 2010–11
Dolce & Gabbana autumn–winter 2010–11
Dolce & Gabbana autumn–winter 2010–11
Dolce & Gabbana autumn–winter 2010–11

Thanks to CNN, we’re able to bring readers this month’s Revealed, on 20 years of Dolce & Gabbana.
   The show is an intimate portrayal of the pair, showing them backstage at Moda di Milano and talking about their relationship. It features interviews with them in their holiday home, and on their yacht in Cannes.
   The programme also includes interviews with Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova, Morgan Freeman, Rachel Weisz and Chace Crawford backstage.
   The company’s summary of the programme is below, with subedits made by us for accuracy.

When it comes to la dolce vita, no one delivers Italian style better than Dolce and Gabbana. Gowns by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana rule the red carpet and high-end shopping boutiques across the globe. This month, to mark the designers’ 20th anniversary of menswear, we reveal the personalities behind the brand.
   Our episode starts at the Dolce & Gabbana headquarters in Milan. It is January during menswear fashion week and Domenico Dolce is alone. His partner Stefano Gabbana is ill, and Domenico has 90 male models to fit for a fashion show the following day. Working without Stefano is uncomfortable for him: although their relationship is no longer romantic (they were an item for over 20 years), as friends and business partners, the pair are inseparable.
   As Domenico places the finishing touches to the collection, we learn that the theme for this season’s show is the Italian movie Baaria. Set in Sicily where Domenico was born, the clothes reflect the designers’ love of southern Italy and traditional tailoring. An acting coach has been hired to train the models to walk down the runway with a sense of characterization from the movie. While Dolce & Gabbana’s leading models Noah Mills and David Gandy can achieve the required expression effortlessly, some of the less experienced models find it hard to break the habit of looking vacant while strutting down the catwalk.
   At the show the following day, Stefano feels well enough to join his partner backstage. ‘We are together! We are Dolce and Gabbana!’ they exclaim as they set about approving over 200 different outfits and looks.
   With the success of the autumn–winter collection behind them, Dolce and Gabbana invite Revealed to their holiday home in Portofino where the designers show us how they like to relax. The paradise cliff-top retreat holds many happy memories for the pair—here they have holidayed with Jennifer López, Kylie Minogue and Eva Mendes. Amongst the art and stylish furnishings, the designers play with their dogs and tell us how they manage to work together since they broke up. In Gabbana’s own words: ‘If we didn’t love each other this much, Dolce & Gabbana would not exist …’
   The episode closes back in Milan. It’s June and Dolce & Gabbana are celebrating 20 years of designing men’s fashion. A glamorous crowd of celebrities have flown in to town to party with them: Revealed interviews Morgan Freeman, Rachel Weisz and Chace Crawford backstage. Annie Lennox is resplendent in a Sicilian widow’s gown as she performs a live soundtrack for the occasion.
   The mayor of Milan has given over the town hall for Dolce and Gabbana as a mark of thanks for their contribution to the city, and an installation within the Piazza della Scala projects 20 years of designs to the public.
   Not all Milanese residents agree with this public celebration of a private company. Revealed talks to a small band of protestors who have gathered outside the party. In the words of a demonstrator, ‘Dolce and Gabbana have moved their company to Luxembourg because their taxes are lower. There is an investigation in to taxes for hundreds of millions … so why give them the best space in Milan?’
   For the few who voice their objections, there are thousands who laud the designers. The party seems a fitting tribute to two of the key players in Milan’s foremost industry. Dolce and Gabbana are a powerhouse of design in a country where beauty and style will always be beacons of national pride.

Revealed goes behind the scenes at Dolce & Gabbana’s autumn–winter 2010–11 fashion show

Dolce and Gabbana in Portofino

Dolce & Gabbana’s 20 years in menswear

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