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An inspirational evening at the New Zealand Art Show


July 31, 2010/0.25

Matt Payne
Matt Payne

Ann Skelly
Ann Skelly

Libby McColl
Libby McColl—who told Lucire that she sign-writes as well, which might explain how she accurately interpreted the lettering on the train carriage

Donna O'Donoghue
Donna O'Donoghue
Donna O’Donoghue—we defy anyone not to smile when they see her work

Philina den Dulk
Philina den Dulk

Lisa Taylor-King
Lisa Taylor-King, whose raw emotion worked itself into Trinity

Daniel Campion
Daniel Campion, taking apple cores and hundreds of thousands

Lisa Taylor-King explains to Lucire’s Victoria Jones the inspiration behind her work, Trinity

If you are in Wellington, you need to head to the TSB Arena on Queens Wharf to the New Zealand Art Show, running till August 1 inclusive.
   Lucire attended on Friday night, in the presence of Her Excellency Lady Satyanand, for a Wellington Children’s Hospital benefit. Our thanks go to Don Christie and Catalyst IT Ltd. for their support.
   The event draws some 10,000 visitors and more art from New Zealand’s established artists than you can imagine in one space. Sunday visitors can hear live jazz from 1 p.m.
   I was dismayed to hear that the current Wellington City Council intends to cut its share of the the show’s funding. I oppose this, and would reverse this decision if elected mayor. Not only do we get 10,000 visitors to Wellington, the city stands to earn a considerable amount—far more than what is invested.
   Where else, after all, could we see such talented artists as Donna O’Donoghue of New Plymouth (whom I have followed on Twitter for a while), Tracey Devlin-Bailey of Paraparaumu, Ann Skelly and Lisa Taylor-King of Wellington, Libby McColl, Nick Fedaeff and Matt Payne of Auckland, Philina den Dulk of South Otago and Daniel Campion of Nelson under one roof?
   While these particular artists tweaked our interest, there are countless more. Visitors can buy at the event, and we, too, were blessed with live music and food at the charity gala on Friday night.—Jack Yan

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