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Björn Borg releases fun Earth Hour study on what people like to get up to in the dark

NEWS  by Lucire staff/March 31, 2012/11.00

Björn Borg promotional image
Jonas Nyvang

Above Christopher Wetmore and Klara Wester model for Björn Borg.

Björn Borg has released the results of a fun study for Earth Hour, asking people what they might do in the dark tonight between 8.30 and 9.30 p.m.
   Respondents to the survey indicated that Spaniards are most likely to get sexy in the dark, Germans and Swedes will watch television, while the Dutch relax by the fireplace.
   When it comes to having the lights on for a roll in the hay, Germany and Spain would keep the lights on, while the UK, US and Sweden would most likely keep the lights off.
   Respondents in China (33 per cent), France (30 per cent) and the US (30 per cent) said that glow-in-the-dark underwear would help them have a good time in the dark, which, of course, Björn Borg happens to have.
   The sample was 1,713, of people aged between 18 and 30. Countries included China, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, UK, US. The video below has some of the vox pops from the survey, while a large infographic featuring the survey’s responses can be found on our Facebook page.

Global Lights Off Survey from Björn Borg on Vimeo

Fast-selling Manuka Doctor range, with Purified Bee Venom, now available in New Zealand

NEWS  by Tania Naidu/March 30, 2012/23.21

Manuka Doctor has launched New Zealand’s first Purified Bee Venom skin care collection. As previewed by our US west coast editor Elyse Glickman when Manuka Doctor did the rounds in Hollywood, the range features high-performance concentrated bee venom to create an innovative skin care collection, available for the first time in New Zealand after selling out in the UK.
   Purified Bee Venom, or PBV, has been already dubbed as ‘nature’s alternative to Botox’. Purified Bee Venom is renowned for its anti-bacterial, anti-wrinkle and regenerating benefits which can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars.
   We’ve been testing some of the Manuka Doctor products here at Lucire.

Manuka Doctor ApiClear Balance for troubled skin
   ApiClear Foaming Cleanser, 150 ml, NZ$35·75. This is an effective cleanser that helps reveal a more radiant complexion by eliminating daily impurities. The purifying cleanser works to combat the appearance of blemishes by controlling the build up of toxins, excess sebum production and dead skin cells, leaving your skin visibly clearer and calmer.
   ApiClear Facial Toner, 150 ml, NZ$35·75. This purifying toner gives a revitalizing sensation, and assists in calming and controlling troubled skin.
   ApiClear Facial Moisturizing Lotion, 150 ml, NZ$37·75. A light and nutritious emulsion that quickly absorbs and hydrates the skin. It enhances skin’s innate shine, while maintaining an optimal balance of the skin’s oil and moisture levels.
   ApiClear Skin Treatment Serum, 30 ml, NZ$39·75. A lightweight, oil-free serum that provides relief and helps refine the skin’s texture. Its super-hydrating properties assist with cell regeneration and reducing the appearance of fine lines and scars.
   ApiClear Skin Ease Repair Gel, 25 ml, NZ$17·50. A repairing and cooling gel with propolis that aids itchy skin conditions. This lightweight gel is rapidly absorbed, leaving no stick residue.
   ApiClear Blemish Cream, 25 ml, NZ$17·50. A non-greasy cream with propolis, witchhazel, vitamin E and UMF 18+ manuka honey to help keep blemishes under control. This targeted spot treament cools as it repairs, providing a topical antiseptic solution.

Manukau Doctor Apinourish—protect and moisturize
   ApiNourish Rejuvenating Face Mask, 50 ml, NZ$84·95. A deep penetrating skin renewal treatment that nurtures cell regeneration and assists with the renewal of damaged skin cells. This intensive regenerative mask helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scars, offering what some are calling a natural alternative to Botox: the bee sting therapy.
   ApiNourish Foot and Heel Cream, 75 g, NZ$19·75. A rich, hydrating moisturizing cream with peppermint and shea butter to provide a cooling and refreshing remedy for dry and swollen feet.
   ApiNourish Repairing Skin Cream, 50 ml, NZ$47·50. This lightweight non-greasy cream delivers a perfect balance of intense hydration and purified nutrients that accelerate skin regeneration, in turn, repairing the skin’s natural balance and assisting in the reduction on the appearance of fine lines and scarring.
   Also available from Manuka Doctor are Apirevive Antiseptic Gel, Lozenges, Throat Spray and Rub Ease Balm, ApiWellness UMF Manuka Honey, UMF 5+ Manuka Honey with Ginger, UMF 5+ Manuka Honey with Alœ Vera, UMF 5+ Manuka Honey with Lemon, and UMF 5+ Manuka Honey with Glucosamine.—Tania Naidu

Madonna’s Truth or Dare fragrance commercial film revealed

NEWS  by Lucire staff/March 29, 2012/22.45

Madonna in Truth or Dare TVC

Last November, we revealed that Madonna would release a Truth or Dare fragrance, and now the promotional video has come out on the eve of its April launch.
   The advertisement shows the 53-year-old singer before a soft-focus lens, wearing lingerie, reminiscent of some of her earlier videos.
   As with her coffee-table book Sex, famed creative director Fabien Baron has had collaborated on the new advertisement. Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott (Mert & Marcus) directed, and it was filmed at Pier 59 Studios in New York City.
   The music is a remixed version of ‘Girl Gone Wild’.
   The fragrance was created in tribute to Madonna’s mother, who died of breast cancer in 1963.
   Madonna said in a release, ‘My oldest memory of my mother is her perfume. I carry it with me everywhere. She always smelled like gardenias and tuberose, an intoxicating mixture [that was] feminine and mysterious. I wanted to re-create this scent, but with something fresh and new about it as well. Something honest and yet daring—hence the name Truth or Dare.’
   Stephen Nilsen collaborated on the actual perfume. The scent blends florals with woods and vanilla. Coty calls it ‘simultaneously dark and light.’
   The scent will be available as eau de parfum in 75 ml ($68 or €62), 50 ml ($55 or €46), and 30 ml ($39 or €35) sizes, or as a body lotion ($28 or €22), or shower gel ($24 or €21).
   The commercial will début on the Macy’s Herald Square Jumbotron in New York City on April 2, and will air on television beginning April 3 in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.
   Garren styled Madonna’s hair, while Stéphane Marais did her make-up, and Ludivine Poiblanc styled.

Adidas shows campaign with Katy Perry, David Beckham; Dunhill shows in Shanghai; World’s making of Britomart

NEWS  by Lucire staff//21.59

Adidas and Alfred Dunhill have unveiled new videos showing off their products, while World has released a video featuring the making of its new flagship Britomart store.
   Adidas’s ‘Adidas Is All in’ campaign has new creative, with 30- and 60-second spots, featuring brand ambassadors such as FIFA World Player of the Year Lionel Messi, football star David Beckham, NBA most valuable player Derrick Rose, and pop singer Katy Perry. Shot in locations around the world, it emphasizes how everyone is involved in running in some shape or form, be they professional sportspeople or amateur marathon runners.
   Portions of the campaign were shot last November.
   Alfred Dunhill, meanwhile, showcased its fashion show, Trafalgar, in Shanghai, using holographic projections.
   Musion, the company behind the holograms, said it was its largest installation, shown to a 1,000-strong crowd.
   Sixty-four models wore Dunhill’s autumn–winter 2012–13 fashion in a Trafalgar Square setting, with the virtual weather changing from spring through to winter around them, featuring virtual birds and snow.
   It ended with a virtual snow globe surrounding the models.
   Pre-recorded music from Academy Award winner Tan Dun, Sigur Ros and Vaughn Williams was used, while violinist Charlie Siem played live on stage, accompanied by a nine-piece orchestra.
   Finally, World has released a video showing the creation of its flagship store at 60 Tyler Street in the Britomart district in Auckland, with Francis Hooper and Benny Castles commenting. Hooper says the character of World is represented in the ‘amazing and eclectic’ store, with the company’s own beauty and fashion, and antiques from European Antiques giving the space its ‘X factor’.


Trafalgar by Alfred Dunhill on Musion Eye Liner from Musion Systems on Vimeo

Miranda Brown has winter sorted as she launches her latest in Wellington

NEWS  by Tania Naidu//11.03

Tania Naidu

My first thought as I entered the Starfish store for the launch of Miranda Brown’s autumn–winter 2012 collection was, ‘Thank God the winter colours have been changed.’ We had witnessed so many designers employ blacks and greys for the season that Brown’s approach was a godsend.
   The collection seemed to have a new touch on winter, including the use of prints. To the left, the food and beverages were placed on a table—welcome after a busy day at work—and to the right, sustainable designer Miranda Brown herself, greeting people around the store with a smile.
   A little into the night, I was shown some of her favourite pieces in her collection and pieces that were the best fit for my style. The collection’s colours ranged from green, turquoise and browns to brighter and more eye-catching colours like orange, blue and red. I was most drawn to the oversized pieces that won me over, especially a grey cape with the native and extinct huia bird the printed on the front. The use of merino wool was a plus, as it added a rich, textured look to the clothing, and kept you warm in winter.
   The huia and the native and also extinct laughing owl (whekau) were seen printed on numerous garments from this designer.
   ‘Merino wool gives value to an excellent primary resource here in New Zealand. Merino wool is a strong natural material that is both recyclable and biodegradable,’ says Brown. You have to admire a designer who not only creates lovely garments but also cares about the earth.
   One guest was so attached to a garment that she got to a stage where she had forgotten she was even wearing it. It was a good night: it looks like Miranda Brown has winter sorted.—Tania Naidu

Tania Naidu

Sax International’s latest beauty offerings delight and impress

NEWS  by Tania Naidu//10.33

It’s been a little while since we looked at Sax International‘s range—and we’re very impressed with the latest entries from this Australian brand. Sax cosmetics give women the ability to enhance their natural beauty with easy-to-use products—and a lipstick with packaging that we’ve spent time admiring for its great design. Sax products are formulated with luxurious textures, and give you a natural, clean look.

Sax Eye Luxe eye-shadow quintette, NZ$19·90
An easy to store, seductive palette of five rich eye-shadow colours allows you to create many different looks all in the palm of your hand. With a smooth texture, Sax eye-shadows are easy to apply and offer a silk finish afterwards.

Sax nail polish, NZ$9·90
You can brighten and colour your day with Sax Nail Life nail polishes. With a range of 18 different shades, you are bound to find a modern, classic or bright shade to suit you. The superior salon quality formulations help reduce flaking and chipping so your nails remain with that high-shine finish for days.

Sax Rich Lip Colour lipstick, NZ$16·90
From a toned-down everyday colour of cinnamon to a bright and eye-catching classic red, the Sax pigment-rich lipstick, combined with nurturing ingredients of calendula oil, evening primrose oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, candelilla, beeswax and silk powder, creates a look of creamy velvet which also leaves your lips feeling soft. The innovative packaging which consists of a black lacquered case that opens with one click gives you a girly touch of excitement before even applying the product.

Sax Liquid Eyeliner, NZ$16·90
Most of us girls have that issue of putting mascara on straight after eyeliner and finding that we’ve smudged our eyeliner. Not with Sax Liquid Eyeliner. With a liquid eyeliner that’s precise to apply and quick to dry, we don’t have to worry about smudging. The dipstick applicator provides a clean sleek, long-wearing wet look.—Tania Naidu

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Sponsored video: Elin Kling’s guilty pleasure at Net-a-Porter

NEWS  by Lucire staff/March 28, 2012/22.07

A Lucire special promotion

Style by Kling

Elin Kling is getting more and more global. Her Style by Kling blog was noticed by us very early on, but equally, she became a fashion personality in Sweden with TV attention as well. Soon, a major retailer decided it would need her endorsement on its autumn–winter 2010 trends, and now, Net-a-Porter has the Swedish blogger commenting on her favourites for spring–summer 2012.
   Kling says she’s tempted by jeans and can’t stop buying them. It’s a brief video but it elevates her to the likes of Karl Lagerfeld—who has equally appeared in Net-a-Porter videos—showing that when you get a blog done right, the big opportunities come.
   Style by Kling, after all, appeared more in Swedish in its early days. It had enough followers to propel Kling into mainstream fashion circles. But with an eye for style and media savvy, she has been able to translate that into a very high public profile. The fact that she has changed URLs numerous times over the years—from TV4 in Sweden to her own domain, and now a subdomain at Nowmanifest, and not lost her support, says something about the loyalty around her name.
   It’s not only the blog. Kling has diversified into her own fashion line and last week celebrated the first anniversary of her own magazine, Styleby. We’re struggling to think of anyone else who has managed to take a blog into a print format, with all the travails a cross-media effort would entail.
   We do wonder, however, where blogs are these days. In an earlier Lucire, we noted that newsgroups were no longer part of the everyday destinations for netizens. Blogs, meanwhile, are still going, but with the number of them out there, it’s harder for someone to capture the same level of attention. Some users’ creative bugs are satiated more than capably by social networking sites, and why not? Facebook, given enough followers, offers instant gratification through its “likes”.
   The successful blogs are just that: successful. They have given their creators a certain position in their industries, something that cannot be readily replicated in 2012. Kling travels across the Atlantic, comfortable in either Stockholm or New York. And it’s no wonder that Net-a-Porter sees her as the perfect spokeswoman—a fashion-savvy woman matching with one of the internet’s most fashion-savvy retailers.

Silicon Valley’s successful Letslunch start-up launches in New Zealand

NEWS  by Lucire staff//1.14

Letslunch team
Top The Letslunch New Zealand team. Above The New Zealand launch of Letslunch at Portofino in Auckland.

Facebook and LinkedIn are all very well for building networks, but Letslunch, a Silicon Valley start-up, wants to encourage face-to-face meetings.
   New Zealand is the third country in which Letslunch has launched, after the US (where it has 15,000 users) and Italy.
   After signing up, you can enter a time and date for lunch and Letslunch’s algorithms will match you with people you can have lunch with. You can grade the lunch, and the crowd-sourced rankings contribute to the individual’s rating. The system can even suggest restaurants based on your preferences.
   Over 50 entrepreneurs, business people, bloggers and VIPs gathered at Portofino in Auckland for the New Zealand launch.
   Chirag Ahuja, CEO of Letslunch New Zealand, says that every participant benefits: experienced guests bring influence while younger guests bring fresh ideas and perspectives. Users can sign up at

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