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Sax International’s latest beauty offerings delight and impress


March 29, 2012/10.33

It’s been a little while since we looked at Sax International‘s range—and we’re very impressed with the latest entries from this Australian brand. Sax cosmetics give women the ability to enhance their natural beauty with easy-to-use products—and a lipstick with packaging that we’ve spent time admiring for its great design. Sax products are formulated with luxurious textures, and give you a natural, clean look.

Sax Eye Luxe eye-shadow quintette, NZ$19·90
An easy to store, seductive palette of five rich eye-shadow colours allows you to create many different looks all in the palm of your hand. With a smooth texture, Sax eye-shadows are easy to apply and offer a silk finish afterwards.

Sax nail polish, NZ$9·90
You can brighten and colour your day with Sax Nail Life nail polishes. With a range of 18 different shades, you are bound to find a modern, classic or bright shade to suit you. The superior salon quality formulations help reduce flaking and chipping so your nails remain with that high-shine finish for days.

Sax Rich Lip Colour lipstick, NZ$16·90
From a toned-down everyday colour of cinnamon to a bright and eye-catching classic red, the Sax pigment-rich lipstick, combined with nurturing ingredients of calendula oil, evening primrose oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, candelilla, beeswax and silk powder, creates a look of creamy velvet which also leaves your lips feeling soft. The innovative packaging which consists of a black lacquered case that opens with one click gives you a girly touch of excitement before even applying the product.

Sax Liquid Eyeliner, NZ$16·90
Most of us girls have that issue of putting mascara on straight after eyeliner and finding that we’ve smudged our eyeliner. Not with Sax Liquid Eyeliner. With a liquid eyeliner that’s precise to apply and quick to dry, we don’t have to worry about smudging. The dipstick applicator provides a clean sleek, long-wearing wet look.—Tania Naidu

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