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Inika cosmetics, now available in New Zealand, guaranteed to be green


May 25, 2011/3.02

Inika Cosmetics
When finding the right cosmetics line you should not have to compromise between quality, colour and performance. That was the philosophy behind Miranda Bond and Jenni Williams’s creation of Inika cosmetics.
   The luxury, organic Australian cosmetics brand was started in 2006 after both women failed to find any products on the Australian market that met their desire for natural ingredients combined with high æsthetic appeal. From their mutual desire, this stylish yet natural range has developed into a very popular brand which won Bond the Beauty category at the prestigious InStyle–Audi Women of Style Awards in Sydney.
   Bond commented, ‘It is my hope and belief that this acknowledgement highlights to women of all ages and backgrounds that one doesn’t need to compromise in the quality and style of their makeup by choosing Inika and an organic approach.’
   As consumers move toward a greener lifestyle—something Lucire forecast when we teamed up with the UNEP in 2003—the number of environmentally friendly and natural cosmetics’ lines are progressing to keep up with demand trends. However, unlike some brands which profess to be green, Inika products are guaranteed to be completely free from harsh petrochemicals, GM ingredients, parabens, preservatives, mineral oils, fillers and other potentially harmful ingredients.
   Their products are also non-comedogenic, meaning that they won’t clog up the pores, and are gentle enough for women who have previously suffered from allergies and sensitivities to other cosmetics.
   Inika is quickly growing a celebrity fan base including Bones actress Emily Deschanel, and international fashion designer Stella McCartney, according to the company. It has become available in New Zealand, among other countries, including the UK, France, Sweden, Germany and Greece.—Vicki Matias

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