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Lucire editorial, September 11, 2001


September 12, 2007/1.49

LucireLet the healing begin
Lucire, September 11, 2001

Today we suspend our New York activities in light of the attacks on the United States. And we know many of you are turning to us for our thoughts. I have my thoughts on what this all means.
   First, we send our deepest, most heartfelt sympathies to all those affected by today’s desperate, incomprehensible actions.
   There is no easy cure. None of us can say we have been through anything like this.
   It is a time to look within and allow ourselves to be healed.
   The reason for our being exposed to such a horrid, abominable act is often to remind us that we, as a human race, have not advanced as far as we had thought. This crime is not one that can be pointed at any one race or creed. It is one that has affected us all, and one that we have to do our own soul-searching about. We all must bear some responsibility as a collective race of people on this planet.
   Why? Because we all have our hatreds and demons—they are perhaps not as severe—but we have them. And we all must rid ourselves of them, regardless of where we are. Healing begins not with governments, but with ourselves as individuals.
   This event has shown us that many of us are still too quick to treat groups with different religions, races or beliefs as different from ourselves. I do not address this statement to any one nation. Whether we are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Taoist or any of other faith, or whether we have a different comprehension of what faith is, we, as a human race, still see separations between us.
   These separations cause divisions between us as a people.
   Those responsible for today’s terrorism have to realize that they have not harmed Americans, but fellow human beings. And ‘those responsible’ are our fellow human beings, too.
   I stand by calls that the responsible parties have to be punished. We have liberty and justice to defend. But we must also now heal as a world, not just a nation.
   I have my faith, and I do pray. I hope many of you who have a belief in a Supreme Being or Energy join me in offering a prayer to all of us affected. All of us, as people. And those of you who do not share a belief in such a being, please be there in whatever way you can.
   Let good come from the horror in the form of a deeper understanding of the human condition; an understanding that we all have similar demons that could drive us to commit acts that harm others. Perhaps they are not of this magnitude, but we are capable of hurting whether it’s through being merely cold-hearted or through violence. Teach us to rid ourselves of our evil, because healing begins with us and our example to others in this world.
   Let us try to find ways to prevent such an event from recurring, not just through immediate things such as tougher security—but teaching our children and others that the root of this evil has been misguided hatred. Through teaching, let us turn that hatred in our world into energy that can, instead benefit all people.
   For we are not of different races on this planet, but of one race: the human race. Let us pray, and let us heal. Amen.

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